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Twenty years ago, my dear grandfather went to be with the LORD. He was my one and only grandfather when I was growing up, as my mom’s dad died before I was born. I really missed him, and I realized how blessed we were to have him around. He was a good man who could fix just about anything, which worked out well because he had some grandchildren who could break just about anything. He loved being on the porch and especially the garage. He loved having things neat, like his house, garage, and car. His specialty (as in what he did for fun) was painting walls and houses.

He had a twinkle in his eye that told you he loved you, even if he didn’t say it too often. He loved giving us “some sugar”, which is what he called a kiss on the cheek, and real sugar, too. I remember my mom telling us how he gave all four of us chocolates one Easter morning, right before church, and we (being the little chocolate-loving beasts that we were/are) devoured them. Let’s just say that our white Easter dresses took on a completely different look. Mom said that grandpa also took on a completely different look-one that was absolutely stunned by our demolition speed!

I remember feeling his whiskers on his face and, obviously, feeling comfortable enough to ask him personal questions. Once I asked him why his nose hairs were so long, and he didn’t get too mad at me. He had a good sense of humor, although he was a bit of a prankster. Countless times he warned me about hairy-legged boys, and often told my brother to eat (fill in blank) because it would put hair on his chest. Things did seem a little “hairy” at times, especially the time when we totally embarrassed him at a certain restaurant. As an unsuspecting woman ate at a neighboring booth, we (sly little children) put pieces of hamburger meat in her beautiful hair, which, ironically, was in a bun. He nearly died of embarrassment.

Many years later, Grandpa went to be with our LORD, yet it was so hard to believe that he was gone. I remember thinking it was just a bad dream and hoping that Grandpa would miraculously come back to life. I guess I just couldn’t imagine life without him. I especially remember watching classic movies with him in the summer and laughing along with “I Love Lucy”. There is something about Jimmy Stewart that still makes me think of Grandpa.

Paw Paw

Shortly after he died, I married BC and inherited another grandpa: BC’s sweet Paw Paw. We were blessed by him. Although he tried to fix lots of things, the family lovingly refers to some of his “fixes” as “Paw Paw-rigged”. He was very kind and easy to be around. His high voice and sweet character reminded us of the grandpa on the “Waltons” (played by Will Geer). One time, I felt so comfortable with him in the room, which was filled with only ladies, that I said, “It’s okay, we can talk about that. Paw Paw is just one of the girls!” And he was so tickled to be included. So, when God called him home in 1999, it sort of felt like losing my grandpa again.


Many years ago when G.G. remarried, we had another man that came into our lives that also took on the role of grandpa. Charles, or “G.P.”, could always make us smile. More importantly, he brought the smile back to my sweet grandma’s face. One of the things I love about G.P. is his life stories; they are very entertaining! I also admire his writing. We are blessed to still have G.P. and G.G. with us. (By the way, G.G. is doing so much better, and we can’t wait to see them this summer!)

Our Neighbor Bob

All three of these men desired to be helpful, and they were. Sometimes in life, you find a “grandpa-like” person right down your street. We were blessed to know and love a wonderful and helpful man named Bob. If I could give an award out to the “best neighbor ever”, he would probably win it. He was always kind and thoughtful to us, and not just us, but everyone in the neighborhood. He’d come by early to check on our family if BC’s car was parked out front on a school day…sometimes so early that I know I probably scared him with my “early morning look and attire”, but thankfully he never laughed at me. I know he noticed because he was a very observant man. As he helped us out when things would break (which happened more than once), he was a great example of a servant. He was like an emergency dad down the street. He helped my husband fix our cars, lawnmowers…multiple times. He had just about every tool made, and…he knew how to use them.

I remember one time he stayed up all night trying to figure out what was wrong with our riding lawn mower, and he actually found a solution! His mind’s wheels were constantly turning. That next day, he excitedly tried to explain to me the inner workings of the engine, but I have to admit, I was slightly confused. It’s not really my world; however, I admired his knowledge and listened. I loved his mindset, which was also present in our grandparents and their wise generation, that considered trying hard to fix a problem and find the answers. Sometimes, I have easily be tempted to say: “Well it’s broken, maybe we should just buy a new one!”, but Bob has encouraged me to try to fix things. A few days ago, I fixed the leak in the air mattress. I know BC has learned quite a lot from him, as he helped him with all things mechanical. He also helped us fix our washer and dryer and they even let us use their washer and dryer while we were in limbo.

They were truly wonderful neighbors. His spic and span garage was the place he loved to be, or maybe it was in the yard…by the tree. Speaking of trees, he was one of the neighbors who helped me plant the trees in our front yard. He planted many trees in his yard, too. A few years back, we were so sad to hear they might be moving, and then so glad to hear it was just around the corner. He always made us feel welcome in his home, and brought candy to our kids. One Thanksgiving, he brought over an extra turkey they had. They really were so generous. They gave us some nice furniture, too.

Bob loved to fish, and he loved to talk. He really didn’t keep it pithy, but he always wore a hat that read: “Keep it pithy” (which is an SAT word meaning: short and sweet!). When I saw him in the hospital, I asked him if he was keeping it pithy. He half-smiled and coughed as it was very difficult for him to speak. As he went to be with the Lord on May 22, I am happy that he is now pain-free and able to speak once again. Or will he even be able to find the words when he views our sweet Savior and heaven
(as the half has only been told). I’m pretty sure words will come, along with his charming smile.

When this former Navy man was nearing his last days, we know his “ship” did indeed come in. We also know that we have a Lord, Jesus Christ, who is the “Captain of our salvation”, and He called Bob home to the beautiful shores of heaven. Unfortunately, he went sailing out to sea, and his sweet wife, Barbara, is left waiting to meet him on that beautiful shore. They will be reunited someday. Below, I included a blue-grass song that we plan to sing at his memorial service. I’m pretty sure a Christian will see Jesus first (as I included the other song), but nevertheless, in our humanity…in our journey as husbands/wives and parents/children we surely know that love is strong and death can be quite difficult.

I am encouraged by G.G. and G.P. who made it when their spouses had to journey on. We are thankful that God in his mercy allowed us more time with them, even though we lost a dear loved one. Nana also has encouraged me. It did take some time to heal. Someone recently told me that the grieving process takes a month for every year you were married. I believe it! Please say a prayer for sweet Barbara and another dear neighbor, Margie, who also just recently lost her husband of 49 years, Pat. We went to Pat’s memorial last Saturday, May 21. We are singing at his graveside service today. In May 2011, these two dear neighbors went to heaven. They will be missed.\"Far Side Banks of Jordan\"

\"My Savior First Of All\"

Happy Birthday, Uh-Oh!

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Dear Dad,
Happy Birthday to you! I hope you enjoy your fill of American cheese and smoked meats, even if they have been linked to Alzheimer’s (inside joke:)). You are very special to me, and my number one fan in the blog world and the real world (mom included, as y’all are one). Thanks for all you do.

Uh-Oh loves American cheese!

Thanks for years of wonderful memories, like the numerous times you “flipped” us off of your legs in the pool. Fun memories! Thanks for coming to most of my basketball games (even when I scored for the other team, and fouled out in the first four minutes!), track meets, choir concerts, and plays. Thanks for taking us on trips, especially to see our grandparents. Thanks for taking us to church.Thanks for loving mom and all of us. Thanks for all of the laughs we continue to share when we are together! Your source of joy is from Jesus, and I’m so thankful you have always pointed us to Him.Thanks for always buying me ice-cream and giving me a cool pin to wear when I was expecting my first child which read: “I’m pregnant, feed me ice-cream!” (I wore it during all my pregnancies). Thanks for being a great dad and grandpa Uh-Oh.

Here I am with the beloved doll that you helped Nonnie make for us for Christmas 1978. And yes…I still have it! Thanks for the great Christmas memories!

Here I am at sixteen…wearing way too much make-up!

Happy Fishing!
P.S. Enjoy some ice-cream today. I’d loan you my ice-cream pin, but…I think we might have to cross out the words “I’m pregnant” and scribble in:”It’s my birthday!” instead:)
Oh, you might want to avoid the jalepenos:) or gobble them down and inform the world, “if you smell gas, it’s me!” (sorry, I just had to mention that story again)

More Sweet Memories And Pictures of Michelle

Michelle's first cake experience.

Michelle loved baby dolls and real babies, too!
Michelle went everywhere in her red boots. She even wore them in the summertime! Daddy called you “cowgirl ballerina”.

You always sucked on those two fingers, and grabbed some of my hair with your other hand. You came out of the womb with a blister on those same sweet fingers! You are currently wearing braces largely due to this:)

When Michelle was a 6 month old baby, she would hum along when I sang her to sleep. As a young toddler, she could hear a song once and pick up on most of the lyrics, and the tune! Often, she would ask me to play “Moah’s Ark”, which is what she called “Mozart”, when she was young.
Michelle-front/ flower girls at their aunt K's wedding

Michelle at age 3 was talking to Nonnie on the phone and she said, “I like my watch!” Paige then tells Michelle: “Tell her mine, too!” So, Michelle said, “I like sister’s watch, too!”
Michelle "trying" to smile:)

Paige and Michelle
As dinner was coming out of the oven, patient two-year-old Michelle shouts out: “It’s ready! It’s ready! Praise the LORD!”

When Michelle was four, she asked me a cute question (around Father’s Day): “When is ‘Kid’s Day’?”
Also when Michelle was four, she was on a walk (with other people nearby) and she asked Daddy: “Master, why do you always speak in parables when a crowd is near?” (a quote from the Jesus video.)


When Paige was five, she went to the E.R. for high fever. When she came home, Michelle wanted a “bracelet” like the one the hospital gave to Paige. Well, three days later, Michelle had a bad bike accident, and was absolutely thrilled to get her own “bracelet” and air cast. She exclaimed, “I love this!” as she pointed to the air cast!
At this age, she also enjoyed making homemade paper “Brandy” dolls (the name of her doll family). I had to smile as she pointed to one of the dolls and described, “Momma is the one with sleepy eyes!”:)

Her love for purses started at a young age!

One of her hardest birthdays...Paige (on her right) had just been diagnosed with cancer, and had eye surgery a few days before Michelle's party.


At two, you loved Pooh Bear. We called you “Tigger”.

These are sweet memories and precious pictures of my Michelle. I displayed some of these at her party. We shared some sweet desserts, and daddy shared more sweet thoughts, then…you guessed it, we shared some sweet tears.

Michelle-Sweet Memories

sweet michelle

Michelle is sweet sixteen, and sweet she is. I will try to make this post short and sweet as I mention a few sweet things she does. Undoubtedly, she bakes the best sweets, like apple crisp. She also relishes creating new meals for us to try. She weaves beautiful friendship bracelets to share. Sweet, right?. She even made some for Mom and Dad-super sweet! As she sings sweet harmonies with her family and choirs, many ears are blessed. Frequently, Michelle loves to take sweet shots with her cameras. She also treasures helping sweet little children. When she can, she cherishes time spent reading sweet stories. She smiles sweetly, and has endured braces for over a year now. She sews a variety of items, and she crafts sweet cards with the sweetest handwriting. She is also a super home sweet home school student. How’s that for sweet sixteen (I included sixteen “sweets”)

Choir Tour!

Recently, Paige and Michelle embarked on a new experience; They went on a choir tour without us. Thankfully, we prayed about this decision and knew they had each other and some wonderful Christian friends and chaperones on this musical journey.

Staying nearby, we were also comforted. We stayed in the Dallas area with my parents one night, and then Brad and I enjoyed a romantic stay at their hotel the following night, but we saw very little of them. Our main contact was through texting. I will let them tell all about it (hint, hint) when they decide to blog. I know I have no room to talk as I have been absent from the blogging community for a record-long time. They did have a wonderful, and safe time.

We also extremely enjoyed spending time with my parents and brother. Interestingly, we went with them to a park and attempted to fly two kites. As the string was loosening, I was struck by the fact that I was loosening the reins/string with my two daughters who were now flying solo, yet together, in that cloudy sky.

We did have the privilege of hearing them perform with the SMU choir on their Encore Youth Chorus Tour. Here is a short clip I found on youtube of the girls (Paige and Michelle) singing. Enjoy!Encore Youth Chorus w/SMU

Paid In Full

I recently baby-sat for a mother of two small children (one being an infant). She needed to run to the store, and wasn’t exactly sure how easy that would be with both of them. Believe it or not, I remember those feelings, and those days. The days where shopping with even two children was always an adventure, and timing was everything, but oh-so-sweet times!

I specifically recall one adventurous time when I was shopping with Paige (my eldest), who was three years old (and I only had two children back then). We were at a Christian book store, and her hands were wanting to touch everything. One phrase I seemed to always be repeating was, “Look with your eyes, not your hands.” But ah… then came a teachable moment. Paige spied a shiny, gold-plated bookmark with words engraved on the top. She knew the letters were words and sweetly asked me what those words said. I told her, “Paid…in…full” (being a teacher, I was speaking slowly and running my fingers underneath the words).

Then, I went on to explain how salvation is a free gift to us, and how Jesus paid for it when He died on the cross. Well, in all my explaining, and poor usage of the pronoun “it”, I failed to communicate very well. My error became pretty obvious to me when I returned home and she took out her bookmark to show Daddy her free gift. Well, being the cute “free”-year-old that she was, we all had a good laugh, and then we returned it to Scripture Stall.

As we entered the store, I shared the story of our first (and last) shoplifting experience, which became quite a spirit-lifting experience! This was definitely a “happy return”. In my few experiences with returning items, I cannot remember a single time when the service desk people gave me a laugh (yes, sometimes I received service with a smile-albeit, a possible fake one). Well, audible laughter trickled out of the patient clerk who was behind the counter at Scripture Stall that day!

God’s salvation is a free gift. It cost us nothing, yet cost Him everything!

Here are the words to a favorite hymn that our choir has learned at co-op:

“Free, Free, Free”

(Author and composer unknown)

(vs. 1) Hark! sinner, hark! we have tidings so true,

Tidings of pardon and blessings for you!

God, in His word says that Christ on the tree,

Died for guilty sinners, and “Salvation is free.”


Hear the news, sinner, free! free! free!

Why not believe it ? ‘Tis good news for thee.

Jesus the Just One has died on the tree,

Died for guilty sinners, and “Salvation is free.”

(vs. 2) Guilty you are, yet you know very well

Jesus has suffered to save you from hell;

Tho’ now condemned, justified you may be,

Jesus paid the ransom, and “Salvation is free.”

(vs.3) Trust not in “doing,” it cannot avail.

Good resolutions and works  can but fail;

“Grace, grace alone,” is the saved sinner’s plea,

“Not of works,” the Scriptures say, “Salvation is free.”

(vs.4) Trust not in feelings, your heart is depraved.

Trust only Jesus, who now lives to save;

Tears of repentance, tho’ real they may be,

Ne’er can purchase heaven, for “Salvation is free.”

Nine years ago today, Paige was diagnosed with cancer. I continually praise the Lord Jesus Christ that he saved her from a deadly disease. I also praise the Lord for taking our eternal life-threatening disease, which is sin, and giving his life to pay for the penalty of our sin in order that we might live with the Lord Jesus, the only One who conquered death and the grave, forever.
Here is a song that I recently heard and enjoyed…
Christ Is Risen By Matt Maher

Knee Therapy…

Well, two weeks ago, our Benjamin and Paige came down with a fever virus, and cold/cough sickness. They were feeling pretty weak and tired. This went on for a week and Benjamin seemed to get better, but Paige, who we thought was better, suddenly became worse. And Michelle now had the sickness (possibly flu?). So, naturally, I tried to move around as best I could to care for the children, and in the process, my knee continued to feel a bit better everyday.

Last Wednesday evening, Paige had a low fever, and her breathing seemed labored. Last Thursday (morning), she was having a hard time drawing a deep breath, and her fingernails had an unnatural “blueness” to them that warranted a speedy trip to the Med Clinic (thank you, Google search), and a not-so-speedy wait (four hours). The chest x-rays revealed that she had pneumonia. She was prescribed two antibiotics and an inhaler. They were ready for pick-up in the late afternoon.

I had just given Paige her first dose, when we all heard a loud sound…like a explosion! I thought the boys might have broken something, but the girls said it sounded more like a gun shot in our front yard. Well, normally, that would not inspire me to go outside, but our good scout, Faith, peeked out the window and said there was smoke. So, out I hobbled. And what exactly did my wondering eyes see? A burning bush…in my front yard! Yikes!

I quickly hurried to turn the hose on, and a nice man, who just happened to be driving by, pointed out two other fire sparks in my front yard and doused them. He told me he saw some guys run off across our field, (after they had set off a firecracker in the street) and asked me if he wanted me to try to get them. I said (with fire in my eyes): “Yes! Bring them to me!” I was incredibly “not happy, Bob…not happy!” (quote from The Incredibles)

So, there I waited, dousing the rest of my yard with the hose, looking for more fires to put out! I’m quite certain the people who drove by wondered why I was outside watering my grass in mid-winter. It was freezing outside (I had no jacket or shoes on), but I was fuming. It had been one of those days that your momma always warns you about!

Thankfully, my spirit did “cool down” as I remembered a verse…”It is of the LORD’S mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is Thy faithfulness.” (Lamentations 3:22-23) God was amazingly merciful to us. The kind man in the truck returned to inform me that the guys were coming, and that he told them I was calling the police.

Three law-breakers slowly walked, heads down, across the field. I was still mad, but God told me to show mercy (quench not the Spirit). I told the boys my sad song about how I had just arrived from picking up prescriptions for my daughter, who currently has pneumonia, and my knee is messed up, and that it was not terribly easy for me to play firefighter. I continued lecturing these high-school boys by informing them how incredibly irresponsible they were to just run off and leave, and how thankful I was to be home. They kept on apologizing. I told them I was going to show them mercy and not call the cops, but that I hoped and prayed they would never do anything that stupid again.

Maybe you don’t agree with my letting them go, but I had another fire to put out. This fire was the one inside me: the anger, and frustrations of the day. I also was reminded how I was a law-breaker too, and God had mercy on me by sending His own Son to save me from eternal fire! I don’t think the Lord was speaking to me through that burning bush, but He does continue to teach me through many things. He is still with me in every trial, and I am repeatedly leaning on His everlasting arms!

My knee is still hurting and inflamed; however, when I hurried to put out the flames that day, I heard some pops (my knee, not more fireworks), and now my range of motion has greatly improved. Please know that I am not advocating fireworks or setting lawns ablaze for a “sure-fire” way to improve a sprained knee. Just saying…

Thankfully, we also were blessed to have some friends drop by some essential oils and two diffusers/humidifiers that seemed to help as well. I was willing to try anything! It takes your breath away when you witness your child struggling just to draw a breath. Totally scary. Praise the LORD that she is doing so well! “Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD.”(Psalm 150:6) Paige is doing much better, but Bradley came down with it on Monday. I think the three (Benjamin, Paige, and Michelle) are on the mend (still coughing, but no fevers). Four of us haven’t been touched by “it”…yet! Please pray for continued healing and protection.

My Trip: The Ups And Downs

I seem to have fallen behind on my blog; I’m sorry it has been so long. Did you think I fell off the face of the earth? It kind of felt like I did, but I’ll get to that later. Believe me, it’s not because there is not a lot going on…quite the opposite! I haven’t known exactly where to start, as life can be embarrassing at times, but here I go!

Recently, one of my friends asked me to give our ladies group a pep talk on exercise and health. Her request gave me a good belly work-out from all of my laughter! Let me explain. In early December, I went with BC to work out at the gym. I wasn’t looking down, but out, as I stepped up and on the treadmill; unfortunately, it happened to be in motion at the time. So…down I tumbled. It felt like the carpet had been pulled out from under me, but wait..this was no ordinary carpet. It was a magic carpet ride, and I wasn’t getting off until I went up and down at least three times before flipping off the killer machine…ouch! BC said I was laughing all the way. I suppose I usually laugh, even when I am in pain (or embarrassed). I’m weird like that. Did I mention that I had just told BC that I did not really want to be noticed because I had what I thought was shingles near my right eye? So, our conversation home went something like this:

Me: How come you never fall, honey?
BC: (long pause) Uh, well, maybe I am just a little more observant, sweetie.
Me: (resorting to childish talk) It’s not fair, I tell you! The last time you fell seems like we were in college!
BC: This is why you are a perfect person to have a blog. These things just happen to you. Have you thought about calling your blog: “The Fall Girl”?

So…the busy month of December, and some residual back soreness from the above-mentioned trip, encouraged us to add a little more winter fat as we took a vacation from exercise, and then a trip to New Mexico.

We had such a nice time visiting with my G.G. and G.P., and being with family (although we especially missed our Tennessee family). We continued north and we all stayed at a lovely, cozy 5 bedroom home in Ruidoso, New Mexico. We had great fun at a winter park there where we went tubing down the hills. Small.jpg”>I had a nice time digging an ice fort with some of the kids, but the altitude was hard to get used to.

Well, an opportunity came to go skiing, and three of our girls wanted to try it out. None of us had ever been. BC had a bad feeling about it (and I did, too), but we needed someone to watch and help them (or so we thought). So, I went with the older three (crazy, huh?), and BC stayed and planned to play in the snow, or go on a hike with the younger two. Our youngest was safe in the care of Nonnie and Uh-Oh back at the house (he was having some trouble with the altitude, as well as my two small nieces).

I had just nervously signed the consent waivers, and received my skis and poles. We were all walking out to the snow, and I had a choice to ski down the little incline (bunny hill) or to walk down. I had one ski on (whoa!). I hesitated. My brother-in-law suggested we all ski down. My wise sister suggested we walk. Did I fail to mention that I have never been on skis before? Well, I saw everybody skiing down the “cliff”, I mean, baby hill, so I went along with the crowd! I thought: Why walk when you can fly, right? WRONG! I flew on my skis for 5-10 seconds before I crashed!

I believe the saying: “It’s all downhill from here” is not referring to skiing, maybe running, biking, or mountain climbing, but things did not get easier for me…as the saying could imply! My left ski was behind me, my knee turned in and I heard popcorn popping (oh, about 6 times), then felt severe pain in my left knee, and it all went downhill from there (notice context). I was told that I landed in an awkward position, and I was face-down in the snow…screaming my head off. My sister stopped to help me, and she took my skis off (evidently, they don’t always come off when you fall down). I couldn’t move the leg. She hailed the first aid sled to come pick me up (and snapped this picture of me…nice, eh?).

I thought: This can’t be happening. Where are my girls? Are they okay? My sister said she would help watch the girls. She was great, and I agreed that I needed to listen to her more, but knew the blame was all mine!

I was greeted by a friendly first aid dude that was kind enough to flatter me by asking me if I was 19. It helped for about a second. Then, the pain returned, along with the realization that I am not 19! He was getting me wrapped up for the ride (like a papoose), when a young girl (5 years or so) ran smack into both of us (my knees, his hands). The man and I both screamed loudly, then the little girl screamed. I tried to assure the girl it was okay, but I stumbled to find words. Well, I found words, but the pain made me talk like a slow robot: “It’s…o…kay…swee…tie!”

When I got to the first aid station, they put my knee into a cardboard splint, then proceeded to ask a lot of questions. Questions like:

“Do you fall often?”:)
“In your own words, tell me exactly what happened.” ?
And my favorite…”What could you have done to prevent this?”
I answered the last question with this reply:
“I have no idea…never ski in the first place?” Well, that didn’t go over well with one of the ladies there. She insisted that I needed to come back and take lessons, and she spent some time trying to work out a deal for me so I could come back. I told her honestly that I doubted I would ever ski again (I was putting my foot down!).

Well, in walks my twin…feeling my pain. She saved the day by giving me some Motrin. Then, my sweet brother comes in. One of the first-aid helpers had a knife in her hand and jokingly stated, “It looks like we are going to have to amputate!”. My brother quickly retorted, “That’s enough of that, Judy.” (or whatever her name was). I laughed, but it hurt to move. My brother can always make me laugh!

So, they told me they were having a time trying to find BC. I stopped laughing. My brother went on a second quest for him, but I was told that many people seemed to look like BC. So, it took some time. They gave me some ice, and I was okay as long as I didn’t move the knee at all. My dear twin offered to drive me down the mountain (45 minutes to nearest E.R.). I hesitated. I would be scared to drive down that mountain. I am inclined to think that the saying: “It’s all downhill from here” (meaning it gets easier) also does not apply to driving down steep and twisty inclines. Therefore, I declined her offer. I told her that I wanted BC to drive me, and I would just wait and pray.

The gang at first-aid helped me into my twin’s minivan, but I was still waiting for BC. Just then, BC came running to the van with the kids. Hallelujah! My brother had just found him in the parking lot! As BC and our two youngest kids were walking to the car to put away the leftover pizza, BC offered my brother some pizza. My brother quickly insisted: “Sure, I’ll take the pizza, but you need to run as fast as you can to that brown van down there. CC is hurt.”

So, BC took me to the E.R., and my brothers and sisters watched our kids. They had a great time skiing, and building a snow fort! I love my family. Thankfully, no one else got hurt. However, there was a packed E.R. with only one doctor. We were there for six hours! We were pleased that the x-ray showed no breaks, but it was a sprained knee (possible meniscus tear or MCL tear…on the inside). They gave me a brace, pain meds, and crutches. The next day we were to travel to Abilene to see our dear friends. My sweet mom and dad offered to take me in their car, so I could stretch out. I was very glad! I have become aware of how marvelously complicated the knee is, which God constructed, and thankful that it wasn’t any worse. It continues to get better every day.

The biggest “down” part of our trip was hearing that my sweet grandmother and wonderful G.P. were in a terrible car accident. A young man ran a red light, and slammed right into innocent G.G. They flew her out to the trauma hospital where they did emergency surgery on her. Her hips, shoulder, ribs, and foot were broken. Our hearts were breaking over her broken body. We could not even imagine her pain. I had some pain in my knee, but I knew it was incomparable to hers! She is recovering, but it is a slow road. Please pray for her as she heals now in rehab, and that the Lord, our Healer, would mend her bones! Like is full of twists and turns—some more pleasant than others! I continue to thank God for His purposes for our pain, and His faithful presence…even when we fall!

I’m Thankful for the Gift of Reading!

During the month of November, as a family we try to think of something that we are thankful for each day. So, today, I am thankful for the simple gift of knowing how to read, and for the endless enjoyment and edification that reading brings to the reader. I am also thankful that each one of my children knows how to read, and enjoys reading good literature. What a blessing!

Here are some recent pics of my kids taken by Heidi H. of POSH Photography:







It’s a Dirty Rat Snake!

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Okay…after BC and kids did some research, we are 99 percent sure that our slithering friend is a rat snake. Click on the picture below for a closer view.