The Son is always shining, regardless of the weather

My dad…Vice President…Cool!

My mom and dad came for a visit this past weekend. We had a great time! I love it when we sit around and tell old stories. I sure laugh a lot! We try to solve the world’s problems…and that’s pretty funny too! One of the reasons I blog is to record these funny stories […]


Guess what? Bc and I went to the movies this weekend.  This was the first time we have left our older children (14, 13,11) in charge of our younger ones (9,7,5). No accidents or fires to report. Woohoo! We saw the new movie Fireproof. It was great (and I think we held hands for most […]

Our Late-Breaking News!

A little over two weeks ago (on Sunday 9-07-08), we came home to find the temperature very warm inside our home…our air conditioner had “frozen up”. I was so thankful Bc knew how to remedy this (two hair dryers melted away the ice that had formed on our system). I was very thankful to have […]

Finishing projects

Last Wed. night at prayer meeting, an elder mentioned the following verse of encouragement: Philippians 1:6 “Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:” The NIV says it this way: …being confident of this, that he who began […]

Thundering Waters

It was dark outside, the children were in bed, and I was ready to “call it a night” (or do you say “call it a day”?). I had six precious children under the age of nine, and I was tired. I loved my job as mom (and still do). I also loved what little sleep […]

Highlights on Whistling

For years we have received Highlights magazine for kids, but it’s not just for kids. One day (about ten years ago) my husband taught himself to whistle very loudly by reading a page in this magazine. He taught himself in one week by practicing a little each day! I wondered at the time, how this […]

Bowling Can Be A Ball!

For a long time now, I have been been known to dislike bowling. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the first time I remember going bowling (high school), I think I bowled 150. You might be saying to yourself: “What’s wrong with that? 150 is a pretty good score.” Well, I happened to […]

Dirty Jobs

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We recently visited The Snake Farm in New Braunfels. The man feeding the alligators told us that they were featured on a show called Dirty Jobs, and they had to clean out the alligator pond (Is it me or does it look like it may be cleaning time again?). I have never seen this show, […]

Kids Again

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Kids again…playing in the sand… throwing the Frisbee… walking hand in hand. Kids again…laying out in the sun… not doing a thing…laughing is so fun! Kids again… Piglet and Pooh… Always together… I really love you! (I cannot believe it’s been twenty years since our love began and we were two kids!)

Watch your door!

Yesterday was a nice day. I love bc, and we have enjoyed our time together (see Second Honeymoon). He was so sweet in his blog. He didn’t mention the fact that my door swung open and hit another car. I had opened my door , then BC opened his, and this wind rushed right through […]