The Son is always shining, regardless of the weather

Toe Woes

Posted under Admit One, LOL, The Unexpected - Jan 28th, 10 - 2 Comments

Poor Michelle. She has had “issues”with her toes…literally. She has had more than her fair share of ingrown toenails in her life (growing pains, right?). Yesterday, she had her third minor surgery to remove about half of her toenail, and hopefully it will cause that toe to toe the line! (Clarification…third toe surgery on third […]

100 Things About Me and How God is Good in the Clouds of Life

In the tradition of blogging, when you get to your 100th post you are supposed to write “100 THINGS ABOUT YOURSELF”. So, here goes… 1.) I almost drowned at my sixth birthday “pool party”. 2.) The funny thing was that I accepted the dare to swim across the pool in a floaty race. 3.) A […]

Kids Naming Kids…Not A Good Idea!

We have a great uncle here in town that is really special to us. He¬† is the kind of man/friend/relative who would do anything for you. So, the other day, it wasn’t surprising when my seven-year-old said that he wanted to name one of his (twenty, he hopes) kids…”Uncle Andy!” Boy, that really made us […]

Unbelievably Unbreakable, Huh?

I was combing through an old purse and I found a comb which had the words : “unbreakable” embossed on the side. I thought, Yep…it still has all of it’s teeth. Then, a hair-brained thought broke into my childish brain…”Is it really unbreakable? How unbreakable is it?” So, I tried to bend it. Just as […]

Funny Question

Posted under LOL, My Kids Make Me Smile, The Unexpected - Oct 7th, 09 - 1 Comment

Bradley¬† asked me a cute question about two weeks ago. He said, “What will happen if you see a UPS man?” I said, “What?” Then, he explained, “You know…they just like…’ding-dong’…and then you never see them. Do they really not want people to see them? Are they scary-looking, or ugly?…” I had to laugh. This […]

A Different Kind of Fall

Posted under How God Provides, The Unexpected - Sep 22nd, 09 - 1 Comment

It is amazing how hot it has been this summer. We were in one of the worst droughts in the history of our city. We have had city-wide water rationing, which meant that we had to cut down our watering days to once a week (and only at certain times). These cut-backs have left many […]

It’s the Little Things!

Six weeks ago, I slipped on a cold puddle of water in the kitchen. I was unloading hot bowls from the “just-finished” dishwasher, and I was walking fast (due to the temperature of the bowls). Then, WHAM!— down I went with three stacked ceramic bowls (the bottom broke—the bowl, not..uh…mine)! It all happened so fast, […]

Give it your all!

Posted under Admit One, LOL, The Unexpected, We Like Food! - Sep 8th, 09 - 2 Comments

“Going all out” and “Giving it your all” are exhausting mottoes I like to live by…sometimes. I was reminded of this recently. I really don’t know how Chick-fil-A stays in business. The Lord must be blessing them for all of the food that they seem to always be giving away. Yesterday, Chick-fil-A was dishing out […]

Man, It’s Hot In Here!

Well, last night was a scorcher! I thought I had a fever—I was burning up! This morning, BC told me it sounded like our A/C unit was not working (it wasn’t making a sound on the outside at all). That was definitely not cool. So, the good news—I was not sick…(just sick of things breaking). […]

Dear Cousins/Nice Nieces

Posted under LOL, Sew What?, The Unexpected - Aug 21st, 09 - 3 Comments

I have been watching my nieces this week. Their moms are teachers, and have started back to school. We have all had a great time. One of my highlights was making matching denim skirts for each girl (ten total) by recycling pairs of jeans. I am thankful that my children have sweet cousins to play […]