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Blown Away at Relay 2009

Highlights from this year’s Relay For Life… I was blown away by the money we raised…$70,000. Is that awesome or what? Even in a tough economic year, we surpassed our goal of $50,000. Also, this year we became a “Five-Star Relay”! Our chair and co-chair did an excellent job. Everyone on the committee did everything […]

Relay For Life Fund-Raisers—2009: The Year of the Donkey!

This year for Relay, we had a Partylite candle party (20% going to Relay), a garage sale, and some sweet friends donated their lovely donkey collection (over 100). The kids attached a note on each donkey that read, “Thanks to your donation, cancer is on BURRO’D time!” (Heehaw…BC came up with that one!). We gave […]

Why I Relay…

Posted under Relay For Life, Remembering Loved Ones - Apr 19th, 09 - 1 Comment

You know, I sometimes wish I was a person who would have been helping out people with cancer before it hit home–our home–my eldest daughter…on April 19, 2002! When we needed to be comforted by someone who had been down this dark and unfamiliar road, the LORD provided countless people to give us hope (many […]

Garage Sale: big deals…not just price cuts!

Yesterday and today, we had a garage sale to mark the seventh “anniversary” of the day we heard those words: “Your daughter has cancer!” We just praise the LORD for His mercy. All of our proceeds will be going to The American Cancer Society. It went pretty well yesterday, despite the early rain, and the […]