The Son is always shining, regardless of the weather

My Favorite Poem…by a Favorite Person…on a Favorite Day

I know I shouldn’t play favorites, but I am getting ready to unveil the most beautiful poem from my love. This is my favorite poem. Bc gave this to me on our 12 year wedding anniversary–6 years ago. It came during a time when Paige was going through chemo., and it is very special to […]

The Solution that was a Solution for the Accident that was an Accident!

Eureka! I have some unbelievably good news. The silly putty (click link to view previous post) was able to come out! I was seriously thinking about throwing the blanket away, when Kane (and Google) suggested I give germ gel a try. Well, it seemed believable because it had alcohol in it. However, the only thing […]

A Poem for Nana

Posted under How God Provides, Poetry - Oct 9th, 08 - 2 Comments

I wrote this poem for Nana: (She turns 84 today! Happy B-day, Nana!) A sweet husband and four precious children Have been cared for by you— Also four wonderful grandchildren, and Ten great grandchildren too! You have a joy and strength from our LORD to Get you through the bad days… The death of a […]

In Tim’s heart there sings a parody…

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Yesterday, a friend sent an email encouraging me to laugh at a Christian comedian on some “youtube” links. He was homeschooled, and he was a very funny writer, singer, and performer. His name is Tim Hawkins, and he really made us laugh. He specializes in parodies, and reminded me of Weird Al, but not quite […]

Getting Older

Posted under LOL, My Kids Make Me Smile, Poetry - Jul 31st, 08 - 3 Comments

As I begin my 37th year, Some things in my life are really clear: Trials begin with every rising sun. Life can be hard, and work never done. But, I love to laugh and enjoy each day. My troubles just seem to fade away! The Lord gives me grace each day I’m a mom, And […]

Kids Again

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Kids again…playing in the sand… throwing the Frisbee… walking hand in hand. Kids again…laying out in the sun… not doing a thing…laughing is so fun! Kids again… Piglet and Pooh… Always together… I really love you! (I cannot believe it’s been twenty years since our love began and we were two kids!)


(Dedicated to Paige, who has taught me a lot!) My daughter was diagnosed with cancer. She was only a child of eight. I asked her to share some things that were bad, And also some things that were great. She said, “Getting shots was no fun at all!” I had to agree with her too. […]