The Son is always shining, regardless of the weather

Cancer Reflections/Only a Child of Eight

As Bradley recently turned eight, my mind naturally turned back to when my first child (who was also eight) was diagnosed with cancer. I was 3 months pregnant with Bradley when I heard those four life-changing words: “Your daughter has cancer.” I remember one time when Bradley (age 3) had a cold; he asked me […]

Remembering Maw Maw

“Maw Maw” C. went to be with Jesus. There’s nowhere else she’d rather be! Disease made her seem child-like to us, Although she was almost ninety! Her mind had reverted severely. Sadly, she was memory-free. But we still remember her warmly- Loving on babies, especially! She bounced five sweet babies on her knee: Sue, David, […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

Thank you, Mom, for all the many ways you have loved each one of us, and you still continue to pour out your sweet love! You’re the best! Thanks for your faithful prayers…Chris Rice-\”Mama Prays\” Happy Mother’s Day to all of the special “other” mothers out there. A favorite quote: “A mother’s heart is the […]

I Love You, Mom!

Oh how it warms my heart when my children give me sweet hugs and whisper: “I love you , Momma!” in my ear. My youngest still does this several times a day—almost out-of-the-blue, and yet not in a manipulating way. He is such a sweetie! This reminds me of the words to a sweet song […]

The Poem That Is My Prayer:

Here is a poem that I have loved over the years. I have had the last stanza (written on an index card) on the wall of my closet for the last eight years; however, I changed the word “teacher” to “mother”. When I change my clothes, I pray for a change of heart as well. […]

My Favorite Christmas CD

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I have a secret…my favorite Christmas CD is played year-round at our house! Seriously, I never get tired of it. We have been listening to “Behold the Lamb of God” by Andrew Peterson for three years now. It is by far, one of the most Lord-honoring CDs I have listened to. Three years ago, my […]

It’s the Little Things!

Six weeks ago, I slipped on a cold puddle of water in the kitchen. I was unloading hot bowls from the “just-finished” dishwasher, and I was walking fast (due to the temperature of the bowls). Then, WHAM!— down I went with three stacked ceramic bowls (the bottom broke—the bowl, not..uh…mine)! It all happened so fast, […]

My Mind is Running With Thoughts on Running!

As I approach my 20th high school reunion (and 38th B-day), I have felt the need to run (fight or flight, huh?) . So for twenty dollars a month (our first time to join a gym—ever), BC and I rundrive over to the gym and get on the treadmill. We only go there together, and […]

Ah…aren’t babies precious?

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No, we are not expecting…just reminiscing. Almost two days ago, some dear friends of ours welcomed their third child into the world. He sure is a cutie! Bc and I both enjoyed holding this precious little boy! I was reminded of a line in the song: “Because He Lives” by Bill Gaither (copyright 1971). How […]

Nonnie’s Poem

My mom is a great writer and I love to hear and read her stories, poems, and thoughts. She also writes beautiful music. Music that touches my heart. Here is a sweet and moving poem she recently finished about Paige going through cancer. The Dancer (for Paige) Laughing, twirling gush of girl dances with upturned […]