The Son is always shining, regardless of the weather

My dad…Vice President…Cool!

My mom and dad came for a visit this past weekend. We had a great time! I love it when we sit around and tell old stories. I sure laugh a lot! We try to solve the world’s problems…and that’s pretty funny too! One of the reasons I blog is to record these funny stories […]

“Why Doesn’t Everyone Wear These?”

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The above question was posed by my 9-year-old daughter, Faith, as she came in the room wearing “toe socks” or “glove socks” (see picture). She went on to explain that she likes them because she can wear them with flip-flops and sandals. So, please help me answer her question. Why don’t you wear “glove socks”?

Computer Kids

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Earlier this year, Bradley (age 5) woke up one morning with a question for me. “Momma, can we go to dot com?” I think he was thinking it must be like Disney or something! LOL! Then, a few days ago, I heard my boys in the bathroom making gargling noises. I asked them what they […]

Getting Older

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As I begin my 37th year, Some things in my life are really clear: Trials begin with every rising sun. Life can be hard, and work never done. But, I love to laugh and enjoy each day. My troubles just seem to fade away! The Lord gives me grace each day I’m a mom, And […]

The things we do for free food!

On Friday, July 11, my sister called and mentioned that Chic-fil-A had a meal-deal going on all day and at all locations. If you dressed up like a cow, you would receive a free combo meal! Well, we don’t really eat out very often, and I was thinking that it sounded like a lot more […]


(Dedicated to Paige, who has taught me a lot!) My daughter was diagnosed with cancer. She was only a child of eight. I asked her to share some things that were bad, And also some things that were great. She said, “Getting shots was no fun at all!” I had to agree with her too. […]