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Transforming blue jeans into a skirt

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Yesterday we started a project that we have been wanting to start for a long time…making matching skirts! We are having a lot of fun. Sometimes making a mess is considered fun by me, especially when the good outweighs the bad. We are recycling jeans, learning a useful skill, and saving money. Yes, it’s worth […]

Highlights on Whistling

For years we have received Highlights magazine for kids, but it’s not just for kids. One day (about ten years ago) my husband taught himself to whistle very loudly by reading a page in this magazine. He taught himself in one week by practicing a little each day! I wondered at the time, how this […]

Bowling Can Be A Ball!

For a long time now, I have been been known to dislike bowling. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the first time I remember going bowling (high school), I think I bowled 150. You might be saying to yourself: “What’s wrong with that? 150 is a pretty good score.” Well, I happened to […]

Obstacles of the day

Today was one of those days we decided to really clean and declutter our house. The problem was we were having company over for dinner. No, that wasn’t the problem, maybe the motivation. The problem was deciding to do this on the same day company was coming! We started cleaning up early on, and spent […]

How to play the mind game: Black Magic

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Black Magic: Explain to the kids that your partner will be able to figure out the object that we choose in the room, and challenge them to figure out how this is done (I don’t usually play like it is magic. I tell everyone there is a trick to it). Ask the partner to leave […]

I love mind games!

We have had a fun weekend playing mind games with our family and bc’s family. No, we don’t mean that in a negative way, as in psychological manipulations . We actually played games that really make you use your mind..and along the way, you begin to question if you really have a mind! We played […]