The Son is always shining, regardless of the weather

Boys Are Different…

Boys are different… I remember talking with a friend who had boys, when I had my first son, and telling her, “So far so good. I don’t seem to see too many differences between them.” Then at about nine or ten months, I called her and said, “I am starting to see their differences. He […]

Homemade Salsa

Years ago, a sweet friend from church (K.S.) gave me her delicious salsa recipe, and I have made it for years. However, over the past few years, I have talked myself out of making it (starting when my blender broke), and I have opted to buy it at H. E. B. Lately, I have rediscovered […]

Praying for a break?

Around two years ago, my husband and I managed to both break a foot bone during the same week. It really set us back, and physical activity was slowed down dramatically…not to mention our metabolisms. So we are thrilled to be working out together again on a regular basis. In case you want to hear […]

Elephant Art

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A friend sent us this elephant painting link. We could hardly believe it. I think it was more impressive to the children than seeing Dumbo “fly”. Truly amazing! Do they get paid peanuts? Do you think they were watching Bob Ross? Well, these elephants have inspired us to get our (sometimes neglected) painting supplies out […]

Laughter…getting…out of…”hand”!

The other night we were playing “UNO Spin” with the family. Benjamin decided he wanted to play with us. Previously, playing cards was not his “thing”. However, that night he thought he would “try his hand” at it. After we had explained the rules, we started the game. When it was Benjamin’s turn, I told […]

Fun Songs for Civics Class

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We have been attending civics classes for over a year. We are always blessed by meeting with and hearing from our fellow civil servants. A few days ago, we were asked to do the music at civics class (which was Wednesday). It was fun preparing for it as a family. We love history and singing. […]

The Cup Game Challenge

One of our all-time favorite games to play is the Cup Game. I learned this when I was in high school, and had a blast playing with my sisters and brother. Bc and I had the privilege of seeing Rich Mullins perform this in concert to his song: “Screen Door on a Submarine”. Needless to […]

A Texas Tall Tale: A Look at Hail, and a Whale

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Last night, we had some hail. It reminded me of a similar time a few years back… One day in South Texas, we had a “gully-washer” (a.k.a. downpour of rain)!┬áIt sounded like my kids were banging on the walls. I looked outside to see grape-sized hail coming down. I yelled upstairs, “Everyone…come down and see […]

The drama of a drama

Sunday, the children at our church (including our children) put on a Christmas play. Bc and I adapted it from the wonderful book: What God Wants For Christmas (go to What God Wants For by Family Life Publishing (with their permission). We did not add or take away anything from their book, with the […]

The Case of the missing case

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For the past week, we have all been looking for the case to a library DVD that teaches you how to sign. We have had NO success. I even rechecked it to give us more time. Well, I was wondering if I should take this loss as a sign—no more library DVDs! I was just […]