The Son is always shining, regardless of the weather

Pride Goeth Before A Fall

Posted under LOL, Love To Learn, The Unexpected - Sep 10th, 08 - 1 Comment

On Monday, my neighbor asked if he could borrow our jumper cables. Well, I told him he could, if I could find them. The first (and most logical) place I looked was in my Suburban. Nope, it wasn’t there! Okay, maybe it was in the garage. So, I went into “Dad’s Domain” to try to […]

Thundering Waters

It was dark outside, the children were in bed, and I was ready to “call it a night” (or do you say “call it a day”?). I had six precious children under the age of nine, and I was tired. I loved my job as mom (and still do). I also loved what little sleep […]

In Tim’s heart there sings a parody…

Posted under LOL, Poetry - Aug 29th, 08 - 1 Comment

Yesterday, a friend sent an email encouraging me to laugh at a Christian comedian on some “youtube” links. He was homeschooled, and he was a very funny writer, singer, and performer. His name is Tim Hawkins, and he really made us laugh. He specializes in parodies, and reminded me of Weird Al, but not quite […]

The “LOL Game”

Posted under Games We Love To Play, LOL - Aug 7th, 08 - 2 Comments

Earlier this year, we bought a computer, and reentered the computer world…with all of it’s strange codes to decipher. We have even made up our own for some of our sicknesses: LOLBAV (That’s computer talk for “lots of loose bowels and vomiting”). Anyways, I just recently learned what “LOL” means. Maybe I am the only […]

Computer Kids

Posted under LOL, My Kids Make Me Smile - Aug 2nd, 08 - No Comments

Earlier this year, Bradley (age 5) woke up one morning with a question for me. “Momma, can we go to dot com?” I think he was thinking it must be like Disney or something! LOL! Then, a few days ago, I heard my boys in the bathroom making gargling noises. I asked them what they […]

Getting Older

Posted under LOL, My Kids Make Me Smile, Poetry - Jul 31st, 08 - 3 Comments

As I begin my 37th year, Some things in my life are really clear: Trials begin with every rising sun. Life can be hard, and work never done. But, I love to laugh and enjoy each day. My troubles just seem to fade away! The Lord gives me grace each day I’m a mom, And […]

The things we do for free food!

On Friday, July 11, my sister called and mentioned that Chic-fil-A had a meal-deal going on all day and at all locations. If you dressed up like a cow, you would receive a free combo meal! Well, we don’t really eat out very often, and I was thinking that it sounded like a lot more […]

What’s wrong with this picture?

Posted under LOL, The Unexpected, Those Are The Breaks! - Jul 10th, 08 - No Comments

I decided I should probably weigh in after a wonderful vacation with lots of food, and very little exercise. Where is that old scale, anyway? There it is…in the laundry room, under the mound of laundry from our trip. Well, here it comes…the moment of truth. What!…I weigh less than I have in many years? […]