The Son is always shining, regardless of the weather

Am I a Godly Mother?

The other day, I was reminded of a conversation I had overheard Michelle and Paige having when they were 7 and 6. Michelle said, “Paige, do we have a godly mother?” My child-examined (and now self-examined) heart was crying out: “…Lord, help me…I am really trying here, ” Then, Michelle continued, “You know…like Jake (our […]

My Favorite Poem…by a Favorite Person…on a Favorite Day

I know I shouldn’t play favorites, but I am getting ready to unveil the most beautiful poem from my love. This is my favorite poem. Bc gave this to me on our 12 year wedding anniversary–6 years ago. It came during a time when Paige was going through chemo., and it is very special to […]

Talking Trash

Today, I have spent a fair amount of time searching for something small…something that was seen yesterday…and something that is important. It’s a part to my Magic Mill (it grinds our wheat). Yesterday, we baked bread, pizza rolls, and cheese twists for dinner (baking is always such fun). Today, we finished the clean up (which […]

My dad…Vice President…Cool!

My mom and dad came for a visit this past weekend. We had a great time! I love it when we sit around and tell old stories. I sure laugh a lot! We try to solve the world’s problems…and that’s pretty funny too! One of the reasons I blog is to record these funny stories […]

The Solution that was a Solution for the Accident that was an Accident!

Eureka! I have some unbelievably good news. The silly putty (click link to view previous post) was able to come out! I was seriously thinking about throwing the blanket away, when Kane (and Google) suggested I give germ gel a try. Well, it seemed believable because it had alcohol in it. However, the only thing […]

A Poem for Nana

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I wrote this poem for Nana: (She turns 84 today! Happy B-day, Nana!) A sweet husband and four precious children Have been cared for by you— Also four wonderful grandchildren, and Ten great grandchildren too! You have a joy and strength from our LORD to Get you through the bad days… The death of a […]

Presidents and Precedents

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We recently have been studying the presidents as a family unit study. I have found some awesome on-line resources which have been a great help! One thing I have noticed is that these 43 presidents ( defines president [prez-i-duhnt] as “the highest executive officer of a modern republic”), have set the precedent ( […]


Guess what? Bc and I went to the movies this weekend.  This was the first time we have left our older children (14, 13,11) in charge of our younger ones (9,7,5). No accidents or fires to report. Woohoo! We saw the new movie Fireproof. It was great (and I think we held hands for most […]

Our Late-Breaking News!

A little over two weeks ago (on Sunday 9-07-08), we came home to find the temperature very warm inside our home…our air conditioner had “frozen up”. I was so thankful Bc knew how to remedy this (two hair dryers melted away the ice that had formed on our system). I was very thankful to have […]

Finishing projects

Last Wed. night at prayer meeting, an elder mentioned the following verse of encouragement: Philippians 1:6 “Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:” The NIV says it this way: …being confident of this, that he who began […]