The Son is always shining, regardless of the weather

I love Chic-fil-A…I love free food!

Last Wednesday (after prayer meeting), I was talking with a group of ladies. A sweet friend of mine asked me if I was going to Chic-fil-A the following morning for their free breakfast. I smiled, and told her we were planning on being there. It was then mentioned: “CC loves Chic-fil-A”. I quickly added, “Yep, […]

Praying for a break?

Around two years ago, my husband and I managed to both break a foot bone during the same week. It really set us back, and physical activity was slowed down dramatically…not to mention our metabolisms. So we are thrilled to be working out together again on a regular basis. In case you want to hear […]

This “ValenTIME’s Day” give the gift of time

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Well, it was the night before Valentine’s Day, and I wanted to make a special Valentine for each of my sweethearts. So, inspiration came…with these… old CDs ( I used purple ones for the girls, silver for the boys and BC) old watches permanent pens-fine or medium Sharpies (I used silver for the girls, blue […]

I won!

I entered my name for a drawing for a free ticket to a Christian Film Festival in San Antonio, TX—I won! (Now I can’t say I never won anything.) I had wanted to go, but knew I couldn’t go alone. It really did not make sense for me to even enter the contest, but I […]

Happy Anniversary!

Tonight we are having some friends spend the night (like 15 plus 8…23 total). We are so delighted they could stop over, that it does not really matter that it happens to be our anniversary. Everyday is a celebration! At least I am not in the hospital having heart surgery (That was our 13th anniversary!) […]

The drama of a drama

Sunday, the children at our church (including our children) put on a Christmas play. Bc and I adapted it from the wonderful book: What God Wants For Christmas (go to What God Wants For by Family Life Publishing (with their permission). We did not add or take away anything from their book, with the […]

Thanksgiving is not over…and Christmas came early!

This is a copy of an email I sent out yesterday. I don’t think I could ever forget such a day, and my heart is still gushing forth with thanksgiving. We have received kind and encouraging words replied from the email, and I really think the house could burn down, and I would still be […]

Big Families

On Friday night (at Costco), we met a family with 14 children. I told them we were a small “large family” when compared to them. I love being in a big family, and having a big family too. Over the years I have endured many comments from complete strangers. Here are some of them and […]

Ah…aren’t babies precious?

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No, we are not expecting…just reminiscing. Almost two days ago, some dear friends of ours welcomed their third child into the world. He sure is a cutie! Bc and I both enjoyed holding this precious little boy! I was reminded of a line in the song: “Because He Lives” by Bill Gaither (copyright 1971). How […]

Nonnie’s Poem

My mom is a great writer and I love to hear and read her stories, poems, and thoughts. She also writes beautiful music. Music that touches my heart. Here is a sweet and moving poem she recently finished about Paige going through cancer. The Dancer (for Paige) Laughing, twirling gush of girl dances with upturned […]