The Son is always shining, regardless of the weather

This “ValenTIME’s Day” give the gift of time

Posted under Arts and Crafts, How God Provides - Feb 28th, 09 - 2 Comments

Well, it was the night before Valentine’s Day, and I wanted to make a special Valentine for each of my sweethearts. So, inspiration came…with these… old CDs ( I used purple ones for the girls, silver for the boys and BC) old watches permanent pens-fine or medium Sharpies (I used silver for the girls, blue […]

Time Flies

Posted under Arts and Crafts, LOL, Those Are The Breaks! - Sep 27th, 08 - No Comments

My baby is turning six in a little over a week (what is wrong with this sentence?)! Where does the time go? Does it really fly? I recently was cleaning out my jewelry box, and I found six broken watches (…why I still had them is a mystery). Well, in my corny mind (and hesitant-to-throw-anything-away […]