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Graduation…Hats off to Paige!




Paige graduated from high school last weekend. Praise the LORD for allowing us to mark her special day. She graduated with three other seniors from the youth choir they were all a part of, and we had the graduation at the church where our choir practiced and performed. They wore cap and gowns and walked in to the tune of “Pomp and Circumstance”, but aside from that…it was not your normal graduation. After all, homeschoolers are not the norm.

There was a welcome, followed by an invocation which reminded all of us that we can achieve nothing without God, and without God we are nothing. Each child had a five minute slideshow with a song and pictures. Then, the parents delivered a verbal message to their child, and presented them with their diploma. Most of the dads had a hard time delivering their speeches without crying, but it was an emotional day and we all got through it! The graduates were announced, tassels moved, and the graduating class of 2012 walked out to the tune of  “Be Thou My Vision”. The ceremony was over in less than one hour. Like I said…it was not your normal long graduation. There was a closing prayer by BC, and then a reception followed with cake and punch. At the reception, we set up a table for each graduate to display their different awards, pictures, etc. I enjoyed looking at the tables. The graduating class of 2012 did not have 2,012 people present, but we were blessed to have around 212 dear people present. It was a very sweet day.

Here was my message to Paige…

My dear daughter,

You have certainly worn many hats over the years, and you have loved wearing hats…even as a baby. From the tiny hat you wore to keep you warm when we brought you home from the hospital on Christmas Day… to the sun hats which protected you from the sun…to the winter fleece hats which protected you from the cold…to the sun bonnets you wore to dress up like Laura Ingalls Wilder…to the silly birthday hats you wore to celebrate…to the hats you wore when you lost your hair to chemo to protect you from the cold and ridicule. Hats were always a comfort and blessing to you. So, I am especially glad that you can don a graduation cap on this very special day.

As a mom who homeschools, I wear different hats…mother and teacher. Today, I would like to take my hat off to you and say: Hats off, Paige for being so diligent in your studies and in our home, and for teaching all of us how to trust Jesus…fully. Thank you for teaching me so many things. I’ll never forget that day (nine years ago) when I asked you what your favorite possession was (you had received many gifts during your cancer years). Your answer was eye-opening. “Mommy, didn’t you know? Jesus is my favorite possession.” Wow!

My prayer for you is  that you will never lose sight of your favorite possession…Jesus…the giver of life and all things…as you walk in this world and begin to acquire different things. Always know that Jesus will be there for you, and we will too (Lord willing)…at the drop of a hat! Love you! Here is your high school diploma. You have met the homeschooling standards of the great state of Texas, and we are so proud of you.

—I’ll let Daddy share his message on his blog. Your constant love for the LORD and your family is such a beautiful blessing! We both love you dearly! Your kindness, courage and contentment are contagious. We are praying for your future (physical therapy?) and trusting God to lead the way.

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