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Mother/Son Date Knight

I know y’all know that I am a big fan of Chick-fil-A. They really have some great inventions…like:


  • the tastiest chicken sandwich
  • the yummiest waffle fries
  • the best fudge-nut brownie
  • the encouraging family nights and bonding activities (Believe me, dressing up like a cow really makes a memory!)

This past Tuesday, I went to a mother/son date knight that Chick-fil-A was hosting. I heard about it from a sign at their restaurant. It listed a website to sign up and register on (, but I almost forgot to do it. I wish I would have told more people about it earlier because many of the area restaurants were already full when I was signing up.

It was a sweet event. We all dressed up (no, not like cows), like on a real date. The boys looked sharp. One separate area at Chick-fil-A was decorated with castle walls (cool plastic decor), including the Chic-fil-A coat-of-arms. Each table had a server, and the cow was there. They took a picture of us with the cow, and gave it to us to keep. I paid for dinner, and Chick-fil-A treated us to dessert! They had a raffle for prizes, and they gave the boys a red carnation to give to me…very sweet! They also gave us a “mooey” goody bag filled with cool Chick-fil-A stuff…a plush “firemancow”, a cow candy Pez dispenser, a beach ball, a football, and a cup that we will add to our fan collection).

But the nicest part of the evening was when my smiling son, Bradley, retrieved a hand-made card from inside his suit jacket. This precious card was from both of my sweet boys. It really touched me (yeah, I cried), and I will treasure it always. I asked them if Daddy suggested the idea, and they said they thought of it earlier that day. Wow! If you really know me, you know that I am a huge fan of cards (not playing cards, so much).  Some people really like flowers (and I do, too), but I would prefer a card over  flowers, and yes…even chocolate (gasp)…any day! That’s just me. Thankfully, I was able to borrow some paper and a pen from the manager, and I wrote two quick love notes to my  ketchup-loving little men.



After our dinner, I took the boys to Bass Pro Shop where we continued to have a nice evening. They made me smile with their dramatics!

The boys thanked me several times during and after our special night together. Once again, thank you Chick-fil-A for facilitating this fun event. Kids grow up, but they certainly don’t have to grow away. Earlier that day, I asked the boys if they wanted to wear their costume knight/king capes (I meant to say robes). They emphatically said, “No capes!”  (sniff, sniff…gotta let them fly…minus the capes):)

Benjamin…with cape-2 years ago

Bradley...with cape-2 years ago

P.S. I was secretly hoping to see a joust between the cow and the chicken. Maybe next time!

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