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Go Green!

Posted under Admit One, LOL, My Kids Make Me Smile, The Unexpected - Mar 17th, 12

Sometimes, things get a bit hairy around here…especially after we have been in the house too long! The other day, Bradley asked me if he could wear a clown wig in a restaurant. I wasn’t sure what to say. I didn’t want to offend people with “red, coarse hair” (inside joke), and yet I wasn’t exactly sure why my son desired to wear a disguise. However,  I told him that “someday” I would let him wear a wig out in public…if he really wanted to.

Well, the other day, I found the perfect wig at H.E.B….it was green! Consequently, I found that “someday” could actually work out to be on St. Patrick’s Day. So, here is Bradley. I was told he kept the wig on the entire time he was eating at Mc O’ Donalds (I stayed home with Michelle who was recovering) .  There was one child who exclaimed: “Look at the clown, Mommy!” I think most people are not terribly surprised when they see a clown…at McDonald’s.




Benjamin…love the sideburns!

And yes, my green duct tape came in handy today! I do have Irish roots, you know. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Happy Birthday to my sister Jen and Aunt Rosemary!

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  1. Paige Says:

    Thanks for wearing the wig today! I think it increased our business at the garage sale. =)

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