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Posted under Admit One, Ouch!, The Unexpected, Those Are The Breaks! - Mar 6th, 12

The other day, Faith (age 12) severely hurt her finger. It was after school, and Faith swerved to the left to avoid crashing into a ball and she sort of rolled and fell over on her own hand. She ended up with a finger that looked all “caddywompus”, and a tingly hand. After a trip to the Med Clinic, the X-rays revealed that her left index finger was totally broken at the base of the joint. They referred her to a hand doctor who could “set it” and possibly do surgery on it.

Well, that is what the hand doctor ordered…surgery…in order to allow her hand to move to the proper position in the future. The next day, she had surgery complete with an I.V. and anesthesia, so she would not be awake during all of that, which she was glad about! I had to sign all those scary consent forms. I tried to keep Faith from over-hearing, but the nurse came by and had me initial as she read aloud “risk of permanent organ damage and/or death.” Why did she have to say that in front of my baby? They also had to ask her some “routine” questions we both weren’t ready for…like if she was pregnant and if she ever cut herself. Really? Wow! How sad, truly.

As they were putting a pin in her finger, Daddy and I felt like we were on pins and needles. It did not help that we were at the same facility where Paige had her eye surgery years ago. Memories flooded back in…ones that I try to keep contained in the past…you know…dark days. My eyes were fighting back tears, okay, so I lost the fight and cried a little (after she was in surgery). Then, I felt great peace as I was reminded of how faithful God always is. It’s weird but when you let fear take hold of you, even for a minute, your imagination can run wild. I was very thankful that Faith came out of the surgery okay, and that my faith was again strengthened. They did not have to open her up, and put a screw in there. I was also thankful that Paige is still cancer-free, as well as her siblings. Praise the LORD!

Along the way, the doctors were quite humorous. The anesthesiologist said…”Don’t pick your nose after surgery because you will have a pin sticking out. However…you could pick your brother’s nose!” And he added, “If you feel like you are going to barf, turn to the left, I have my good shoes on.” We heard about another patient doctor while we were in recovery. He had a funny response to his patient when he was asked, “Have you done this before?” His reply: “No, but I Googled it last night. I think I’m good.” Funny stuff. We are thankful for doctors who are trained to help out in these emergency situations. We are also thankful for the healing and peace that God gives in these situations. She had the pin removed recently, and her cast was gladly cast aside. Her hand is healed, and we again rejoice that our times are in God’s hand, and what good hands at that!

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