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The LORD Provides Above And Beyond…

Almost three weeks ago, BC’s truck died. Well, temporarily died. He spent some time trying to replace the alternator, but it was very difficult getting to it because of the way the truck was situated. I have always appreciated how BC tries to fix things on our cars, I mean, vehicles…for some reason I tend to refer to most vehicles as “cars”. He has successfully replaced numerous alternators, but this one posed a real challenge. So, having no alternative, we let it sit, and he took the Suburban to work. We hoped to take it to a mechanic soon, but it was early January, and we typically do not have enough money saved in our emergency fund during this month.

Wait! We did have one alternative to our alternator problem…prayer. So, we earnestly prayed as a family. It had been a long time since the days of only one mode of transportation. The one day I needed the car, I dropped BC off at school. Later that day, BC received a call from a friend. He told BC that an anonymous person wanted to take care of our car. All we had to do was take it to a certain auto shop. What a praise! We managed to get it to the shop by charging it several times along the way. I followed him in the suburban. It only took us one and a half hours, but we were thankful we got it there.

Two days later, we received the call from the shop that his pick-up was ready for pick up. Wow! That was fast! we thought. The owner told BC that he fixed the alternator, a power steering leak, and put in a new air conditioner. BC was amazed, and slightly shocked! We all were. A new A/C is expensive. BC had been without A/C in his truck for awhile. It had been on our list of “things to fix”. That night, when we went around the table sharing our favorite part of the day, Daddy shared about the surprise blessing we had received from the LORD! We all praised the LORD for His goodness. He not only meets our needs, but also goes above and beyond even what we might expect. God always provides!

3 Responses to “The LORD Provides Above And Beyond…”

  1. Mindy at Grateful for Grace Says:

    I just love how the LORD provides for us above and beyond. So often, I’m too selfish to see it. He’s so full of grace.

    (met your hubby last year and visited more this year at the “work” training… and I’m friends with SI [having baby any moment])


  2. Nonnie Says:

    What a tremendous blessing this was — not only for you, but for all of us who love you and your family!

    How happy we are that we all love and serve an amazingly great God who does more than we can ever ask or imagine. Wow!


  3. Renee Essex Says:

    “Every good gift and every perfect gift comes down from above, from the Father of lights, with whom is no variation nor shadow of turning.” James 1:17

    What a great and awesome God we have.
    Love to you all,

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