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Fun Games To Play With Clothespins

Last fall, when I was watching my five nieces (twelve kids altogether) during our “cousin camp”, we played some fun games.

Clothespin Hairstyles…

Find or buy some clothespins (like 60-we had some plain wooden ones, and some colorful plastic ones). Seriously, they are so inexpensive!

Then divide into two teams (or more if you need to-somewhere around five or six per team)

Give each team some clothespins. Draw names to see which team member will provide the hair. Then the team members decide on the style for the hair. The teams compete in fun to see which hairdo is the most creative, or uses the most clothespins. We separate the teams, and time them for about five minutes. Oh yeah, then take pictures!

Another game we enjoyed was Clothespin Tag.

Pass out six clothespins to each player. When the leader says “go”, each person tries to pin clothespins on six different players (on their clothing, not the hair for this one). Students must keep moving to avoid being pinned while trying to pin others at the same time (not pin them down, of course…remind the boys we are not wrestling). Before the game starts, make sure these modern-age kids know how to open the clothespins, and that they all understand that they are not to remove a clothespin once they are pinned. You may play until one player gets rid of all six and is declared the winner, or you may have everyone continue playing (even if they do not have any more pins, but they just try to avoid acquiring any more!

Finally, we have a new game that I came up with, and thought I would share with you…
Clothespin Clean-up…

Here is how it is played…
On the sides of the clothespins, Mom writes with a fine permanent marker all of the individual jobs that need to be done when your family does weekly/daily/monthly clean-up. For example:
Daily: unload dishes, load dishwasher, sweep floors, wipe off counters and table, vacuum, etc.
Weekly: clean out the fridge, dust furniture, toilets, sinks, tubs, etc.
Monthly: dust ceiling fans, dust blinds, wash windows, clean baseboards, etc.

Then, you start the timer and see who can collect the most clothespins. Grab one and stick it on your clothes, then go clean. This has really motivated my boys with clean up, too. Oh, and when you are done, have them return all of the clothespins into a baggie labeled “clothespin clean-up”, and store it with the cleaning supplies.

What about you? Do you have something different that you do with clothespins? Let me think…what else …oh, I also use them as “chip clips”.

2 Responses to “Fun Games To Play With Clothespins”

  1. Nonnie Says:

    How creative and fun you are! I love the photos, sweetheart. All of those cousins said they had a fantastic time at this year’s cousin camp. Great job! (You’re going to be the best grandmother!)

  2. Jack Wisdom Uh Oh Says:

    The pictures are so beautiful of my granddaughters. It looks like they were having fun. I will see you in Oct.

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