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Free Cookies!

Posted under How God Provides, We Like Food! - Sep 29th, 11 - 1 Comment

My dad always calls cookies: “cook-cooks”. He is just cute like that! So, this month, you can trade your “book-books” for “cook-cooks”! The Great American Cookie Company is having a “Reading is Sweet” book drive during the month of October. If you donate a new or gently used book, you will receive a free chocolate […]

A Novel Idea…

The other day I received an email from my mom sharing a “novel” writing experience with us (my sisters, brother, grandkids) which consisted of writing a novel in November. And I know what you might be thinking….C.C. is going to write a novel…it would be really novel if she posted on her blog more than […]

Fun Games To Play With Clothespins

Last fall, when I was watching my five nieces (twelve kids altogether) during our “cousin camp”, we played some fun games. Clothespin Hairstyles… Find or buy some clothespins (like 60-we had some plain wooden ones, and some colorful plastic ones). Seriously, they are so inexpensive! Then divide into two teams (or more if you need […]