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Moms…And theTools of the Trade

While driving to church meeting the other day, one of the lenses on Faith’s glasses fell out. The screw was still in the side, but unfortunately, I did not have my “handy dandy” small screwdriver. While I was looking for something else that might work (like duct tape), Faith suggested that I use my fingernail to twist it back in place. “Well, that just might work,” I thought. Sure enough, my fingernail transformed into a screwdriver and her glasses were fixed! That was a first for me in the mom business!

How about you? Have you ever had the convenience of using a screwdriver at your fingertips or am I the screwycrazy one?

One Response to “Moms…And theTools of the Trade”

  1. julia Says:

    I do that alot for the tension screw in the bobbin case of the sewing machine :)

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