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Cow Day Fun!

Cow day was even bigger this year. As a self-appointed “cow”ordinator, I helped to corral all the herds at one location to feed. There were six families that participated. We helped to outfit some of the families at my house before the event.

There was nail-painting, cow hat-making, and duct-taping also going on, and 29 cows walking in and out of our house. It felt kind of like getting ready for a wedding…getting dressed up in black and white…painting nails…accessorizing…but in a different way.

The night before cow day, I found an old Nike t-shirt of BC’s that he was going to give away. That’s when the inspiration hit me…”Just Moo It!” (like the “Just Do It” slogan). So, I did it. I now have an official cow appreciation day shirt! Notice the tongue sticking out on “Air Elsie” (the cow), and the Nike symbol for her ears (BC’s Idea)…complete with a “swoosh!” by the tail! Oh, the hat read…”Incowgnito”.

Faith and I also had fun making her new ensemble this year.

This year, I thought of a new tradition. It involved having the one who graduated that year wear a black graduation gown with white spots on it. Maybe next year we will have a sign that reads…”I’m moovin’ on up!”, complete with cap and black and white tassel.

You know, we all felt totally normal, even special, when we were dressed like cows at Chick-Fil-A. In contrast, when two strangers knocked on my door, we were viewed as the strange ones, not to mention what all of our neighbors thought as we “moo-seyed” along into our cars. Later on, my friend and I were talking about the importance of who you hang around with because of the strong influence of what is perceived as “normal” by the group. Cow Day provided a very clear example of this.

Well, you know how cows just graze all day? This year, I asked the manager if it was okay if we went to another Chick-Fil-A for dinner. His reply: “Absolutely! After all, it’s National Cow Appreciation Day! You can come for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!” Well, my friend did not really desire to eat a chicken sandwich twice in one day, but..when we found out we could order anything on the menu…(I later found out that this depends on the manager)…we now had options…and late dinner plans.

As we were finishing our dinner, something came over my friend (…maybe mad cow? j/k) because at 9:45 she said to me, “Let’s all go get some shakes at another Chick-Fil-A!” What had I done to my friend? She went from not wanting to go twice to initiating our third visit! So, we rushed the kids out and we were really “moo-ving” on the road to a nearby Chick-Fil-a to get delicious shakes. I just knew some of the kids would get sick that night, but all was well.

Paige’s link to cow day
And the last bit of cow news…
Our dear friends brought the famous big cow bell (you know, the one that made the news last year) for me to ring…which, surprisingly, had a damper on it! They wrapped the ringer in a napkin so it would not ring so loudly like it had last year!

Some of our friends with their families…

I saw this wig-wearing guy in the crowd when I was in the parking lot on the way into Chick-Fil-A, and I said, “Now that dude really knows how to do Cow Day!” Then, someone told me that dude was Mr. I! Wow! I could barely recognize him.

Thank you, Michelle, for taking pictures, and for letting me take some with your moovalous camera (she even put white duct tape spots on her camera straps!)

We were pretty tired cows at the end of the day! It reminded me of the time when our young Paige told me that her “cows” were tired! What she really was referring to was her calves! Too cute!

Calling all cows…next year, on the second Friday in July…save a spot on your calendar and join us for the fun. We are not sure if Chic-Fil-A will have a spot for all our spotted friends, but it will be fun trying! No cow left behind!

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  1. Daddy Says:

    It was a “mooving” experience! Thanks for all your hard work. Had a great time.

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