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Happy Birthday, Uh-Oh!

Posted under LOL, Remembering Loved Ones - May 12th, 11

Dear Dad,
Happy Birthday to you! I hope you enjoy your fill of American cheese and smoked meats, even if they have been linked to Alzheimer’s (inside joke:)). You are very special to me, and my number one fan in the blog world and the real world (mom included, as y’all are one). Thanks for all you do.

Uh-Oh loves American cheese!

Thanks for years of wonderful memories, like the numerous times you “flipped” us off of your legs in the pool. Fun memories! Thanks for coming to most of my basketball games (even when I scored for the other team, and fouled out in the first four minutes!), track meets, choir concerts, and plays. Thanks for taking us on trips, especially to see our grandparents. Thanks for taking us to church.Thanks for loving mom and all of us. Thanks for all of the laughs we continue to share when we are together! Your source of joy is from Jesus, and I’m so thankful you have always pointed us to Him.Thanks for always buying me ice-cream and giving me a cool pin to wear when I was expecting my first child which read: “I’m pregnant, feed me ice-cream!” (I wore it during all my pregnancies). Thanks for being a great dad and grandpa Uh-Oh.

Here I am with the beloved doll that you helped Nonnie make for us for Christmas 1978. And yes…I still have it! Thanks for the great Christmas memories!

Here I am at sixteen…wearing way too much make-up!

Happy Fishing!
P.S. Enjoy some ice-cream today. I’d loan you my ice-cream pin, but…I think we might have to cross out the words “I’m pregnant” and scribble in:”It’s my birthday!” instead:)
Oh, you might want to avoid the jalepenos:) or gobble them down and inform the world, “if you smell gas, it’s me!” (sorry, I just had to mention that story again)

3 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Uh-Oh!”

  1. Nonnie Says:

    Thank you so much for loving your dad and treasuring sweet memories of your time with him, sweetheart! I completely agree that Dad is a jewel of a man, filled with generosity and love. Thank you for honoring him with your life and with your words!

  2. Jack Wisdom Uh Oh Says:

    Thank you for all of your blogs. They brought back so many wonderful memories with your family. I love you all. I wanted to get this blog done quickly before I forgot to respond as I did eat some american cheese yesterday.

  3. Tori Says:

    Uh…I forgot what I was going to say???

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