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More Sweet Memories And Pictures of Michelle

Michelle's first cake experience.

Michelle loved baby dolls and real babies, too!
Michelle went everywhere in her red boots. She even wore them in the summertime! Daddy called you “cowgirl ballerina”.

You always sucked on those two fingers, and grabbed some of my hair with your other hand. You came out of the womb with a blister on those same sweet fingers! You are currently wearing braces largely due to this:)

When Michelle was a 6 month old baby, she would hum along when I sang her to sleep. As a young toddler, she could hear a song once and pick up on most of the lyrics, and the tune! Often, she would ask me to play “Moah’s Ark”, which is what she called “Mozart”, when she was young.
Michelle-front/ flower girls at their aunt K's wedding

Michelle at age 3 was talking to Nonnie on the phone and she said, “I like my watch!” Paige then tells Michelle: “Tell her mine, too!” So, Michelle said, “I like sister’s watch, too!”
Michelle "trying" to smile:)

Paige and Michelle
As dinner was coming out of the oven, patient two-year-old Michelle shouts out: “It’s ready! It’s ready! Praise the LORD!”

When Michelle was four, she asked me a cute question (around Father’s Day): “When is ‘Kid’s Day’?”
Also when Michelle was four, she was on a walk (with other people nearby) and she asked Daddy: “Master, why do you always speak in parables when a crowd is near?” (a quote from the Jesus video.)


When Paige was five, she went to the E.R. for high fever. When she came home, Michelle wanted a “bracelet” like the one the hospital gave to Paige. Well, three days later, Michelle had a bad bike accident, and was absolutely thrilled to get her own “bracelet” and air cast. She exclaimed, “I love this!” as she pointed to the air cast!
At this age, she also enjoyed making homemade paper “Brandy” dolls (the name of her doll family). I had to smile as she pointed to one of the dolls and described, “Momma is the one with sleepy eyes!”:)

Her love for purses started at a young age!

One of her hardest birthdays...Paige (on her right) had just been diagnosed with cancer, and had eye surgery a few days before Michelle's party.


At two, you loved Pooh Bear. We called you “Tigger”.

These are sweet memories and precious pictures of my Michelle. I displayed some of these at her party. We shared some sweet desserts, and daddy shared more sweet thoughts, then…you guessed it, we shared some sweet tears.

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  1. Nonnie Says:

    What a beautiful gift our Michelle has been to all of us! Thank you for the gorgeous photos and tender stories! Every day has been a treasure, hasn’t it? It seems like a week and a half ago, though, you were the 16-year-old. Hang on tight, sweetheart! I’m glad you’ve always been one to seize the day and redeem the time. Love, Mom

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