The Son is always shining, regardless of the weather

Happy Birthday, Uh-Oh!

Posted under LOL, Remembering Loved Ones - May 12th, 11 - 3 Comments

Dear Dad, Happy Birthday to you! I hope you enjoy your fill of American cheese and smoked meats, even if they have been linked to Alzheimer’s (inside joke:)). You are very special to me, and my number one fan in the blog world and the real world (mom included, as y’all are one). Thanks for […]

More Sweet Memories And Pictures of Michelle

Michelle loved baby dolls and real babies, too! Michelle went everywhere in her red boots. She even wore them in the summertime! Daddy called you “cowgirl ballerina”. You always sucked on those two fingers, and grabbed some of my hair with your other hand. You came out of the womb with a blister on those […]