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Michelle-Sweet Memories

Posted under My Kids Make Me Smile, Remembering Loved Ones - Apr 22nd, 11

sweet michelle

Michelle is sweet sixteen, and sweet she is. I will try to make this post short and sweet as I mention a few sweet things she does. Undoubtedly, she bakes the best sweets, like apple crisp. She also relishes creating new meals for us to try. She weaves beautiful friendship bracelets to share. Sweet, right?. She even made some for Mom and Dad-super sweet! As she sings sweet harmonies with her family and choirs, many ears are blessed. Frequently, Michelle loves to take sweet shots with her cameras. She also treasures helping sweet little children. When she can, she cherishes time spent reading sweet stories. She smiles sweetly, and has endured braces for over a year now. She sews a variety of items, and she crafts sweet cards with the sweetest handwriting. She is also a super home sweet home school student. How’s that for sweet sixteen (I included sixteen “sweets”)

3 Responses to “Michelle-Sweet Memories”

  1. Nonnie Says:

    You are absolutely right about our Michelle being sweet! She is also beautiful, artistic, musical, intelligent, thoughtful, kind, generous, talented — and our granddaughter! We have been grateful to the Lord for his kindness for 16 years because of our sweet girl. It was so much fun to celebrate this day, too, with you all. Love, Nonnie

  2. Nonnie Says:

    We are absolutely grateful for our Michelle and have been for 16 years!

    Of course, we’ve also been grateful for 17 years for Paige, for 13 years for Grace, for 11 years for Faith, for 10 years for Benjamin, and for 8 years for Bradley. (Don’t tell anybody, though, but I’ve been grateful for (shh) years for you and for (shh) years for your sweet husband!)

  3. Laughing Hyena Says:

    It has been five months since I have been able to catch up with Heart of a Mom.. I enjoyed this one about Sweet Sixteen Michelle. Now to look for the earlier blogs.

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