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Choir Tour!

Recently, Paige and Michelle embarked on a new experience; They went on a choir tour without us. Thankfully, we prayed about this decision and knew they had each other and some wonderful Christian friends and chaperones on this musical journey.

Staying nearby, we were also comforted. We stayed in the Dallas area with my parents one night, and then Brad and I enjoyed a romantic stay at their hotel the following night, but we saw very little of them. Our main contact was through texting. I will let them tell all about it (hint, hint) when they decide to blog. I know I have no room to talk as I have been absent from the blogging community for a record-long time. They did have a wonderful, and safe time.

We also extremely enjoyed spending time with my parents and brother. Interestingly, we went with them to a park and attempted to fly two kites. As the string was loosening, I was struck by the fact that I was loosening the reins/string with my two daughters who were now flying solo, yet together, in that cloudy sky.

We did have the privilege of hearing them perform with the SMU choir on their Encore Youth Chorus Tour. Here is a short clip I found on youtube of the girls (Paige and Michelle) singing. Enjoy!Encore Youth Chorus w/SMU

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  1. Nonnie Says:

    What a fantastic experience — for all of us! We’re glad we had the chance to see your beautiful girls performing with such an excellent choice. Both choirs sounded beautiful, and I loved their combined voices, as in this video. We’re glad we got to be part of the weekend. Thank you!

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