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Paid In Full

I recently baby-sat for a mother of two small children (one being an infant). She needed to run to the store, and wasn’t exactly sure how easy that would be with both of them. Believe it or not, I remember those feelings, and those days. The days where shopping with even two children was always an adventure, and timing was everything, but oh-so-sweet times!

I specifically recall one adventurous time when I was shopping with Paige (my eldest), who was three years old (and I only had two children back then). We were at a Christian book store, and her hands were wanting to touch everything. One phrase I seemed to always be repeating was, “Look with your eyes, not your hands.” But ah… then came a teachable moment. Paige spied a shiny, gold-plated bookmark with words engraved on the top. She knew the letters were words and sweetly asked me what those words said. I told her, “Paid…in…full” (being a teacher, I was speaking slowly and running my fingers underneath the words).

Then, I went on to explain how salvation is a free gift to us, and how Jesus paid for it when He died on the cross. Well, in all my explaining, and poor usage of the pronoun “it”, I failed to communicate very well. My error became pretty obvious to me when I returned home and she took out her bookmark to show Daddy her free gift. Well, being the cute “free”-year-old that she was, we all had a good laugh, and then we returned it to Scripture Stall.

As we entered the store, I shared the story of our first (and last) shoplifting experience, which became quite a spirit-lifting experience! This was definitely a “happy return”. In my few experiences with returning items, I cannot remember a single time when the service desk people gave me a laugh (yes, sometimes I received service with a smile-albeit, a possible fake one). Well, audible laughter trickled out of the patient clerk who was behind the counter at Scripture Stall that day!

God’s salvation is a free gift. It cost us nothing, yet cost Him everything!

Here are the words to a favorite hymn that our choir has learned at co-op:

“Free, Free, Free”

(Author and composer unknown)

(vs. 1) Hark! sinner, hark! we have tidings so true,

Tidings of pardon and blessings for you!

God, in His word says that Christ on the tree,

Died for guilty sinners, and “Salvation is free.”


Hear the news, sinner, free! free! free!

Why not believe it ? ‘Tis good news for thee.

Jesus the Just One has died on the tree,

Died for guilty sinners, and “Salvation is free.”

(vs. 2) Guilty you are, yet you know very well

Jesus has suffered to save you from hell;

Tho’ now condemned, justified you may be,

Jesus paid the ransom, and “Salvation is free.”

(vs.3) Trust not in “doing,” it cannot avail.

Good resolutions and works  can but fail;

“Grace, grace alone,” is the saved sinner’s plea,

“Not of works,” the Scriptures say, “Salvation is free.”

(vs.4) Trust not in feelings, your heart is depraved.

Trust only Jesus, who now lives to save;

Tears of repentance, tho’ real they may be,

Ne’er can purchase heaven, for “Salvation is free.”

Nine years ago today, Paige was diagnosed with cancer. I continually praise the Lord Jesus Christ that he saved her from a deadly disease. I also praise the Lord for taking our eternal life-threatening disease, which is sin, and giving his life to pay for the penalty of our sin in order that we might live with the Lord Jesus, the only One who conquered death and the grave, forever.
Here is a song that I recently heard and enjoyed…
Christ Is Risen By Matt Maher

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  1. Nonnie Says:

    Beautiful, sweet daughter! Thank you for focusing our attention on Jesus, the One we celebrate for paying for our sins and for redeeming our lives for his good purpose. We thank our Father for your beautiful heart.

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