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Knee Therapy…

Posted under The Unexpected, You Know You're A Mom When... - Jan 21st, 11

Well, two weeks ago, our Benjamin and Paige came down with a fever virus, and cold/cough sickness. They were feeling pretty weak and tired. This went on for a week and Benjamin seemed to get better, but Paige, who we thought was better, suddenly became worse. And Michelle now had the sickness (possibly flu?). So, naturally, I tried to move around as best I could to care for the children, and in the process, my knee continued to feel a bit better everyday.

Last Wednesday evening, Paige had a low fever, and her breathing seemed labored. Last Thursday (morning), she was having a hard time drawing a deep breath, and her fingernails had an unnatural “blueness” to them that warranted a speedy trip to the Med Clinic (thank you, Google search), and a not-so-speedy wait (four hours). The chest x-rays revealed that she had pneumonia. She was prescribed two antibiotics and an inhaler. They were ready for pick-up in the late afternoon.

I had just given Paige her first dose, when we all heard a loud sound…like a explosion! I thought the boys might have broken something, but the girls said it sounded more like a gun shot in our front yard. Well, normally, that would not inspire me to go outside, but our good scout, Faith, peeked out the window and said there was smoke. So, out I hobbled. And what exactly did my wondering eyes see? A burning bush…in my front yard! Yikes!

I quickly hurried to turn the hose on, and a nice man, who just happened to be driving by, pointed out two other fire sparks in my front yard and doused them. He told me he saw some guys run off across our field, (after they had set off a firecracker in the street) and asked me if he wanted me to try to get them. I said (with fire in my eyes): “Yes! Bring them to me!” I was incredibly “not happy, Bob…not happy!” (quote from The Incredibles)

So, there I waited, dousing the rest of my yard with the hose, looking for more fires to put out! I’m quite certain the people who drove by wondered why I was outside watering my grass in mid-winter. It was freezing outside (I had no jacket or shoes on), but I was fuming. It had been one of those days that your momma always warns you about!

Thankfully, my spirit did “cool down” as I remembered a verse…”It is of the LORD’S mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is Thy faithfulness.” (Lamentations 3:22-23) God was amazingly merciful to us. The kind man in the truck returned to inform me that the guys were coming, and that he told them I was calling the police.

Three law-breakers slowly walked, heads down, across the field. I was still mad, but God told me to show mercy (quench not the Spirit). I told the boys my sad song about how I had just arrived from picking up prescriptions for my daughter, who currently has pneumonia, and my knee is messed up, and that it was not terribly easy for me to play firefighter. I continued lecturing these high-school boys by informing them how incredibly irresponsible they were to just run off and leave, and how thankful I was to be home. They kept on apologizing. I told them I was going to show them mercy and not call the cops, but that I hoped and prayed they would never do anything that stupid again.

Maybe you don’t agree with my letting them go, but I had another fire to put out. This fire was the one inside me: the anger, and frustrations of the day. I also was reminded how I was a law-breaker too, and God had mercy on me by sending His own Son to save me from eternal fire! I don’t think the Lord was speaking to me through that burning bush, but He does continue to teach me through many things. He is still with me in every trial, and I am repeatedly leaning on His everlasting arms!

My knee is still hurting and inflamed; however, when I hurried to put out the flames that day, I heard some pops (my knee, not more fireworks), and now my range of motion has greatly improved. Please know that I am not advocating fireworks or setting lawns ablaze for a “sure-fire” way to improve a sprained knee. Just saying…

Thankfully, we also were blessed to have some friends drop by some essential oils and two diffusers/humidifiers that seemed to help as well. I was willing to try anything! It takes your breath away when you witness your child struggling just to draw a breath. Totally scary. Praise the LORD that she is doing so well! “Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD.”(Psalm 150:6) Paige is doing much better, but Bradley came down with it on Monday. I think the three (Benjamin, Paige, and Michelle) are on the mend (still coughing, but no fevers). Four of us haven’t been touched by “it”…yet! Please pray for continued healing and protection.

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  1. Renee Says:

    I enjoy reading your stories – you are an inspiration to me.

  2. Bethany Says:

    I will definitely be praying for your family’s speedy recovery! Coming from a big family, I totally understand everybody passing around sickness. Blessings!

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