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Capturing a Snake!

Posted under LOL, My Kids Make Me Smile, The Unexpected - Nov 9th, 10

Last Thursday afternoon, a few of the kids were playing outside in our backyard. Then, shortly after, most of them came back inside through the sliding glass door, excitedly telling me that they discovered (or rather, uncovered, in a wheelbarrow full of dirt) a snake in our backyard! Faith was the only one left outside (she loves all creatures). So, I yelled out: “Faith, get in!”

I stood watching by the door, waiting for my obedient child to quickly come, but she proceeded to creep closer to where the kids said they had spotted the creepy snake. So, mother instinct sets in, and I am compelled to go out in the backyard (minus my boots) and inform my daughter that I had wished her to come in the house. She said (with a look of relief, and a big sigh), “Oh, I thought you said, ‘Get it!‘” I quickly reassured her, with a chuckle, as we hurried back inside, that I would hopefully never ask her to get a snake! Whew! She made me smile. One little letter in that command really makes a difference, huh?

Meanwhile, the curious siblings/photographers wanted to try to identify the snake. So, we rallied and cautiously ventured outside to try to capture the (hopefully non-venomous) snake…on our camera, that is!

Here is a picture of the snake. We still haven’t been able to identify it.

We got it!

One Response to “Capturing a Snake!”

  1. Laughing Hyena Says:

    Under my magnifying glass this looks like (but I’m no expert and offer no guarantee)
    that your snake is a coral snake and if so STAY AWAY

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