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Cancer Reflections/Only a Child of Eight

As Bradley recently turned eight, my mind naturally turned back to when my first child (who was also eight) was diagnosed with cancer. I was 3 months pregnant with Bradley when I heard those four life-changing words: “Your daughter has cancer.” I remember one time when Bradley (age 3) had a cold; he asked me if he had cancer, and if he was going to die. Poor kid! I never grew up with cancer, or a sibling who had cancer. I have prayed that it stays far, far away from our home.

However, sometimes, we reflect on how much we learned from cancer’s most unexpected visit, and we are thankful. I wrote the following poem in the fall of 2004 when we were doing just that. My poem is a compilation of some of Paige’s quotes. Her hair was growing back, and she was happy to finally have more hair than her two-year-old brother, Bradley! My broken heart had been repaired, and was beating with thankfulness and praise to the LORD, Jesus Christ. My children were all alive and well, outside of a few colds (which, I assured them, were not cancerous).

Journey With Cancer

My daughter was diagnosed with cancer.

She was only a child of eight.

I asked her to share some things that were bad,

And also some things that were great.

She said, “Getting shots was no fun at all!”

I had to agree with her, too.

‘Cause giving her shots was sometimes my job;

A job I did not like to do!

She talked on losing her lunch and dinner,

And the sad day she lost her hair.

But quickly said, “Mom, you know, some of my friends…

Lost their lives on earth…let’s stop there.”

She said she was thankful she has her life.

And for the gifts along the way:

“Cards, candy, games, hats, Make-A-Wish trip,

Videos, pilot for a day!”

“The love from family and friends, doctors,

Nurses, and some I’ve never met!

Learning about cancer, trusting Jesus,

And learning about life and death.”

“What is your most favorite possession?”

I asked her a few months ago.

“Jesus is my favorite possession!

Oh Momma, didn’t you know?”


"Pilot For A Day"

My children teach me things all the time. I’ll never forget the day I gave Paige the word “possession” for her spelling test, and then asked her what her favorite possession was. Her beautiful response so encouraged me, and I realized that my children have quite a bit to teach me! She was only a child of eight.

What Cancer Cannot Do

Cancer is so limited.

It cannot cripple love.

It cannot shatter hope.

It cannot corrode faith.

It cannot eat away at peace.

It cannot destroy confidence.

It cannot kill friendship.

It cannot shut out memories.

It cannot invade the soul.

It cannot reduce eternal life.

It cannot quench the spirit.

It cannot lessen the power of the resurrection.


One Response to “Cancer Reflections/Only a Child of Eight”

  1. Nonnie Says:

    As each of your children (and our other grandchildren) have turned eight, I spend the day filled with the realization of how young our oldest granddaughter was when she began her journey to the other side of cancer. On this side, I’m filled with gratitude and tremendous joy. It could have been different, but God chooses our days and writes them down before we ever have one. He wrote more days for our Paige than we knew she’d have at that time.

    The one thing that will never leave my memory is that beautiful smile on our sweet girl’s beautiful face. What a gift she has always been to us! (Thank you, Paige!)

    And I know, for all of the rest of these precious children (13 grandchildren!), all of their days are written down, too.

    Even your days, sweetheart, when you’d have to inject that terribly painful medicine through tears all around, weren’t a surprise to Him. He gave you grace — and now He gives you joy in this part of your journey. Hallelujah! Thank you, Jesus, that You are indeed our greatest possession.

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