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Woman Power

Posted under Admit One, LOL, Love To Learn, The Unexpected - Oct 7th, 10

A few days ago, when I was entering H.E.B., I spied two guys desperately trying to separate their permanently nestled shopping carts. I felt like offering help (and needed a cart), so I asked the big dude if I could lend a hand and assured him by saying, “I  know this little trick.” So, I lifted up both carts (using the handbar, of course; I’m not that strong!) and quickly slammed them down- like a wheelie on a bike. (It sounds like extreme shopping, huh?) Well, they instantly came apart (“Voila! Carte!”). I’m not sure if I made this dude happy to get a basket, or made him feel even more wimpy. He was with his girlfriend or wife. Oh well, I just thought I should share this helpful technique. It may come in handy…

Awhile back, I had asked one of the cart-retrievers how he managed to get the stuck baskets apart. That’s when he shared that trick with me. When I suggested to the cart go-getter that he should post a sign telling the customers how to remove the connected carts, he confidently assured me that there was no real need for that because they always try to keep them separated. So, either the basket-retrievers are not doing their job, or the basket designers did a poor job because there are a basketful of people out there who are constantly finding them stuck (including myself)!

However, I suppose there will not be a sign posted because of lawsuits. With that said, please do not try this if you have any history of back/neck pain.My advice is meant to help you to separate the carts, not your shoulders (“Ow! La Carte!”). Otherwise, you might be forced to choose a entirely different cart…the electronic shopping cart.

5 Responses to “Woman Power”

  1. Paige Says:

    Nice job, Momma! I enjoyed your post.=D

  2. Kane Says:

    Ow! La Carte!!!! Hahahah!! That one was too much. Good show. :)

    And good tip too! I used to hate that whole stuck-cart thing and I could never get them apart no matter how hard I pulled. I used to just set them on fire so that others would know to stay away from them, your idea seems to be more environmentally friendly though…

  3. cc Says:

    Thanks! I was inspired by a menu, I guess. I’m glad to hear my tip has inspired more environmentally friendly solutions.:)

  4. Organizing Mommy Says:

    Decent tip. I recommend posting it on “tip nut” which would be something you’d love.

  5. Laughing Hyena Says:

    “Woman Power” reminds me of the time the writer exercised her “woman power” in a plumbing situation in the little bathroom of a New Mexico home. You’ll have to ask her about that.

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