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Meeting Tim Hawkins

First of all, I really want to thank my mom and dad. Our family met two famous people this year, thanks to them.Thank you, Mom and Dad, for such a wonderful weekend being with family (We missed our Tennessee kin, though). It was great seeing my parents, sisters, brother, nieces, nephews, and cousins. On Saturday, Tim Hawkins (live) provided “laughter therapy” for all of us.

About a week ago, we were watching this video on you tube, and I was inspired to learn, and teach my girls, how to cross-stitch! Uh…you probably will want to watch this video, as it explains why Tim’s life verse is so bizarre.

Tim’s Life Verse

So, our family made him a “special”, brick-shaped pillow (and we even found brick material…for his “Dodge Brick” Tim’s Good Advice And Violent Sons connection) with his life verse cross-stitched on there (“My loins are filled with a loathsome disease.”). I found a cross-stitch font at and downloaded it for free. I just printed the verse in bold and used it as my pattern. I traced the X’s in pencil on the white fabric. Then, we just used black embroidery thread.We’ll probably make more now that we know how easy it was (same font, different verse though).

We were blessed to be allowed to meet him personally, and shake his hand, due to our hand-stitching efforts. I had wished that we all (not just my immediate family) could have met him, but that is how Tim’s brother needed it to be (and I had to beg just to bring my own family along). After shaking hands with Tim, I turned towards my family and exclaimed, “I shook his hand!”,  and we joked about using the hand-sanitizer. However, Tim really does deserve a hand! He is crazy funny!

Guess how many similar pillows he has received with his “life verse” on there?  A laughable thirteen! So, evidently, there really is nothing new under the sun! Paige wrote more about our weekend on her blog

Here is Tim’s new homeschool song…

The Homeschool Blues

This was our second picture with Tim. He's too funny!

2 Responses to “Meeting Tim Hawkins”

  1. Organizing Mommy Says:

    ONLY YOU, CC would do such a crazy thing–And that is how you got to meet him, eh??

    No doubt you sing all the songs by heart in your family van
    Chick-fil-A… Oh, I’m in love with Chick-fil-A..

  2. Nonnie Says:

    Of course they do, Organizing Mommy! I love to hear them sing anything of Tim Hawkins.

    CC, do you and your family have all the new songs memorized yet? We can’t wait for a concert.

    You are so very welcome, CC. We had a fantastic time, and I’m ready to do it again — right now! We miss all of you.

    Love forever,

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