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Duct Tape Heads Game

You probably know that I value duct tape, and I think that anyone who uses it, is basically using their head.


This game involves duct tape, some willing heads, and snow hats (or nylon stockings).

Stick with Grace and Faith

You basically divide into teams (ours were Team Grace and Team Faith) with about 4-6 people per team. Get a volunteer from each team to be “Duct Tape Head”. Then, make sure all of the hair of the willing team member is inside of the hat or stockings (pull it over ears, and down past eyebrows). Otherwise, things could get hairy! Then you wrap the duct tape (sticky side out) around the hat. I recommend the “sitting duct” wear sunglasses for added eye protection.

You say: “Ready, set, go!” and set the timer for twenty seconds (or less if you prefer). Then, each team has a bowl of pennies (or other light objects like foam peanuts, wrapped candy, marshmallows, cotton balls, etc.) which they hurriedly try to  place on their teammates duct-taped head.  The one with the most pennies (or stuff) when the timer goes off is the winner. We let both girls keep the change. It just made “cents”(sorry about that one).

3 Responses to “Duct Tape Heads Game”

  1. Organizing Mommy Says:

    I think you need a TV. ROFL.

    “First, find someone to be duct tape head..” O.K. that is where the game would end in our home.

  2. Kane Says:

    First of all: that picture is an instant classic.

    Second: are you throwing the pennies onto them?

  3. Grace Says:

    It was fun, but my head felt very heavy!

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