The Son is always shining, regardless of the weather

Remembering Maw Maw

“Maw Maw” C. went to be with Jesus.

There’s nowhere else she’d rather be!

Disease made her seem child-like to us,

Although she was almost ninety!

Her mind had reverted severely.

Sadly, she was memory-free.

But we still remember her warmly-

Loving on babies, especially!

She bounced five sweet babies on her knee:

Sue, David, Jo, Beth, and Eddie.

She cared for children so happily…

Grandkids, great-grandkids…”any baby”

(She was a volunteer at “Any Baby Can”-organization that helps take care of young babies that need to be held, and she was a foster grandma)

I recall a day I wasn’t at ease,

Maw’s hands reached out to bounce my “sweet pea”.

I was torn because I felt that she

Knew her strength wasn’t like it used to be.

“Maybe I shouldn’t bounce the babies.

I’d sure hate to drop them! Oh Me!”

So, I held my child upon Maw’s knees.

We sang, smiled, bounced, and all were pleased!

Then came the day the sun went down early (she had “sundowners”)

Confused, she wanted to go home…

To love and care for her babies…

But her “babies” were now full-grown!

But Jesus remembers the day she

Got down and she prayed on her knees.

She told God that she really believes

Jesus died, paying all penalties.

A different sun, His Son, went down

To death so that we might be set free.

For all sins, but then He rose again,

For He is God, Man, Spirit…Three!

Like Maw Maw, I imagine that He

Bounced the little ones on His knee.

He said, “Let the little ones come unto Me!”

She now dwells with Him for eternity.


2 Responses to “Remembering Maw Maw”

  1. Nonnie Says:

    The beautiful heart of a mom is the beautiful heart of my daughter, in whom I am so pleased. What a beautiful tribute to Maw Maw — and to the God we love and serve! You have an amazing gift, sweetheart.

  2. Michelle Says:

    I really like the poem you wrote! It’s really sweet!

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