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Another Toe Woe…Or How Benjamin Was “Framed”

Last Friday, as we were preparing to head out the door, I heard a thud in the upstairs hallway. I yelled, “Is everyone okay?”

Benjamin uttered (as he hopped downstairs), “Uh, no, not exactly. A picture frame just fell on my toe…and it really hurts!”

His answer, combined with a sweetly squeamish niece yelling about the massive trail of blood, immediately put me in a first-aid frame of mind!  I took one look at the deformed frame of his pinkie toe and the deep cut and started to think you know it’s been a long time since we visited our helpful friends in the E.R. I hollered for someone to bring me a towel as his blood continued to drip onto my white Capris (and my niece was still hollering about the blood that was everywhere). So, basically…lots of bleeding was going on. Paige brought me our well-stocked first-aid kit. I asked Ben to please look away as I applied pressure, gauze and a pressure wrap. I prayed aloud for his toe and for wisdom. I told Ben that it looked like he was going to need some stitches because the cut was extremely deep (his toenail was just about off). He was very brave. I carried him out to the car and all the kids followed.

I ran back inside to get the pain medicine. Then, I popped in the Suburban, and Ben popped in some Tylenol. I had remembered a time when I was in the E.R. waiting room with my other son, and the triage nurse could not give him any pain meds. until the doctor had approved it. So, I was relieved I remembered to administer the pain-reliever. You just never know how long it takes in there.

The Lord really provided for us. I was scheduled to watch my twin’s children, but I did not have them that day. They were shopping with their Grammy. So, we were all able to fit into our Suburban. I dropped my girls off at Choir Camp (one minute from our house). On the way to Choir, Paige had reminded me about a new and nearby hospital. It was closer than the “usual” E.R., and not crowded. I called a friend for help with directions (I had left my G.P.S. at home). She had recently delivered her baby at that hospital, and told me how to get there. I was thankful that she was home, and had picked up the phone.

When we asked him how he was “framed”, he told us he accidentally hit the frame in the hallway with his hand, and it fell down (the corner piece cut inside his pinkie toe…no glass was broken). The guy who took Ben’s x-rays told him to quit rockin’ the house, and knockin’ picture frames down. This brought a smile to my boy’s face. I was glad to see Ben smile:)

How Ben Was “Framed”

While playing a fun game,

With his hand he did aim,

At Michelle’s picture frame,

And booming…down it came!

She was not to bear blame.

At least Ben was not maimed.

He shouldn’t bear any shame,

For it was just a game.

The kids were acting tame!

It brought Ben some toe fame.

But made him somewhat lame.

Will his toe be the same?

This bad poem just came…

Sorry, that it’s so lame!

Four stitches (some Dermabond), four kids, and four t.v. shows later…I was able to pick up the four girls on time from music camp. PTL! I am thrilled no bones were broken. I felt bad, and somewhat surprised, to hear that this was my nieces first “field trip” to the hospital!

No matter what happens to my kids, good or bad, I know it’s for a reason. Ben came home and asked if he could go upstairs for a “Quiet Time” (time of prayer and reading the Bible). The Lord knows what we can handle. He truly is our Strength!

Warning: Below is a picture of Ben’s toe. Of course, it’s not one that you would want to put in a picture frame, hang on a nail, and then drop on a nail or anything like that. Our get well card to Ben says: “Get Nail Soon!”

A new boot!

4 Responses to “Another Toe Woe…Or How Benjamin Was “Framed””

  1. Organizing Mommy Says:

    Owwee…. Hope he’s OK.

  2. Kane Says:

    Does this mean he’s officially part of the family now? 😉

  3. Laughing Hyena Says:

    BENJAMIN – Anticipating your next visit to Hobbs, please do this:
    Three days before arrival here, measure how tall you are with your arm up as high as you can reach. Then phone or email your height. Then I will spend a day or two raising all our picture frames high enough on the walls that you can’t reach them. Toe problem solved.

    But I suppose by then you’ll have some other gimmick in mind so you can see the new ER they built in Hobbs.


  4. Nonnie Says:

    Benjamin, how painful your toe looks in the photo! I’m glad your toe is much better now. We love you, sweet grandson!

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