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Oh No…The Big 40!

The summer provides me with more time to blog, as we only do school for half of a day. So, I thought I’d go back and blog about a few things that I missed in the busyness of the end of the school year.

Back in March, my sweet husband turned the big 40! We made a slide show for him using “Movie Maker” that day. It was a kind of …”this is your life” type of movie. We have a rule that if your birthday is on a day of the week, it’s a holiday. Yes, I  know…it’s one of the perks of homeschooling (remember we school through most of the summer). So, even though Daddy had to work, we enjoyed a day off thinking about him, and making him a video, and of course, a big cake!

I bought him a “40” balloon the night before, and when the kids opened the back door of our suburban to help unload the groceries…out it flew…into the nearby tree branch. Well, as I was jumping up to get the balloon, the wind blew it out of the tree; but alas, that young balloon was too fast for me. I don’t know what overcame me, but I just couldn’t “let it go…”. Maybe it was the fact that I hadn’t even given him the balloon yet, and those balloons aren’t cheap, or maybe I just really do love to run (yeah, right).

Whatever the reason, I found myself compelled to sprint across the field that we live next to (like half-way). My son Benjamin was right there with me, and we managed to tackle that old balloon down to the ground, while literally “rolling on the floor laughing” (ROFL)! Never mind that cars were driving by, and my nearby girls were laughing at us. We proudly (and somewhat out of air) presented our token of love (which was also somewhat out of air) to B. C. Thankfully, that wasn’t a trip to the E.R. (Can you even imagine telling people how the foot broke that time?)

IMG_3334 (Small)

At the birthday restaurant dinner, Cousin Mike embarrassed him by giving him a hilarious, attention-getting vest to wear. Then, I took pictures of some of the people’s reaction to his vest, when he walked with our boys to the restroom. Too funny! BC’s mom brought some great old (young) pictures of BC that we enjoyed looking/laughing at.

So I married an older year, that is...:)

So I married an older year, that is...:)

It was a good day! Lots of candles and candies (jelly beans are his favorite)! I am so thankful to be married to BC. We have a plaque in our room that reads: “Grow old with me, the best is yet to be!” Ah…so true! I believe elderly people are not “over the hill”, but have great wisdom and experience to offer to each one of us…and life to be lived!

We just visited my grandmother (G.G.) and G.P. I will be turning thirty-nine in a few days, and I was so encouraged about growing older just by spending time with them. They are both so vibrant and energetic. I currently run 3.5 miles, usually three times a week. Well, my sweet grandma could out-walk me, seriously! She is truly amazing! We all took a long walk together. I am so glad that G.G. and G.P. are so capable. They are loving life and each other. They take their limitations in stride, and never seem to let it get them down. They thank God everyday for their health and each other, and rarely complain! I certainly want to be like them when I grow up—so content and so kind. They continue to encourage and bless the entire family!

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  1. Organizing Mommy Says:

    Happy Birthday BC! (You are both younger than us!) Will is 45, and I am 41. LOL.

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