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Duct Tape To The Rescue

Paige wrote about our first experience with the breaking of a fluorescent light bulb last night in her post Light Saber vs. Light Bulb. I remembered hearing about evacuating because of the mercury, but the cleaning up was somewhat involved. The following page was helpful in our cleanup battle. Duct tape was used to pick up the tiny pieces and dust on the carpet. I absolutely love duct tape, but I never thought about using it to clean up glass breaks on the carpet. It did a great job! However, this situation made me think about all the times duct tape has been so useful in my life. Okay, so maybe it’s not useful on air ducts, but household repairs- absolutely! We have fixed tables, chairs, brooms, dust pans, and dresser drawers to name a few!

I must admit that I really do love and use duct tape…for more than just household repairs. One time, it came in handy when Paige’s I.V. pump needed to stay in place during the night (or should I say wee hours of the morning). The tape that the doctor gave me ran out, but a little duct tape worked just fine. Our surprised oncologist laughed the next morning, as he just shook his head and said (in his educated-sounding British voice): “I must admit, I have never seen duct tape used in this manner before, but, it does…indeed, work!” He also gave me more tape:)

Another time it came in handy was with Bradley’s broken arm. My advice is that you save your child’s cast, even after it has been removed. At our follow-up appointment, the orthopedist wasn’t able to take x-rays with Bradley’s cast on, so he took the cast off to see if it had healed properly. He told me that Bradley’s arm had not quite healed, but to just keep him (the three-year-old) from running for one week or so. Hello? Keep a two-year-old from running, you say? That’s crazy talk.

So, there I was in a predicament. He took off my son’s cast, yet told him he couldn’t “take off” (run around like he does). Just before the orthopedist took off, I cast a disapproving grimace in his direction, and asked him if I could put duct tape on that old (thankfully waterproof) cast, and put it back on him. He said that would be fine, because he agreed that it still needed some more healing time! Bradley absolutely loved wearing the cast, and didn’t mind that it was duct-taped. Thankfully, it was cooler weather, so his long shirt covered up his cast! So, he wore it for one more week. That piece of duct tape gave me great peace of mind.

I was even able to repair my boys’ toy rifles and swords with a little duct tape. I even remember using duct tape on one of my boys diapers for a few weeks. I bought generic diapers, and half of them did not have Velcro to hold the diaper on (only on one side). So, being the frugal mom that I was, duct tape saved our hides! The duct tape went into the diaper bag, and stayed there for awhile.

Lately, I have heard of all sorts of “quacky” (okay, some of mine probably qualify too) things that you can do with “duck” or “duct tape”. There is even a scholarship contest if you come up with a prom dress made out of duct tape. So, I guess I’m not the only one! My grandfathers and fathers were very influential with their high praises, and creative uses, of duct tape. I guess their opinions really stuck…like duct tape. I still remember how cool I thought duct tape was because you didn’t need scissors to cut it—you could just tear it with your hands!

What are some ways you have used duct tape? I’d love to hear about it. Yes, and the classic nerd in me has used it to temporarily fix my glasses. But shhhh…don’t tell.

Well, I’m off to hopefully make some neat duct tape wallets with the boys!

4 Responses to “Duct Tape To The Rescue”

  1. Paige Says:

    Remember what Capricorn on Inkheart said? He said with a grin, “What’s that stuff? Duct tape? Ah, duct tape. I love duct tape!”

  2. bc Says:

    Paw Paw would certainly be proud of you.

  3. Laughing Hyena Says:

    Dear Heart of a Mom I will warn you in advance – I am stealing your duct tape topicffor my next blog but I’ve already sent out tonight’s words. Thanks for the idea, you too Paige. HAHAHAHAHAAAAAHHHHAAAA

  4. Kane Says:

    Now we’ll be expecting a follow up post showing off your new wallets. :) And remember, wallets are just the beginning!

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