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Puzzling Storage Problem…Solved

If you have looked at my daughter Faith’s blog, it’s probably not a puzzle to you that she really loves solving puzzles! However, lately I have been trying to solve the puzzle of exactly where to store all her (our) beloved, yet  boxy, puzzles! The answer came in a box…well, a big blue Rubbermaid one (one of many in my wonderful collection of plastic boxes).

Our New Puzzle Box

Faith and I took all of our puzzles out of their respective boxes and emptied them into a gallon baggie. We then cut out the cardboard picture from the puzzle box, and either put it inside of the baggie or we put it on the inner side of the box. We labeled the “puzzle baggie” by name, brief description, total pieces, and size. We also cut out a small picture from the side, just in case someone wanted to look at that for help in solving the puzzle, or in identifying exactly which puzzle it was. We were able to fit 29 puzzles in that box…ah…much more room. Hopefully, this will help lower the incidence of missing puzzle pieces, too!

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