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Happy B-day, Dad!

My dad is one of those men who isn’t afraid to try anything, and he isn’t afraid to share new wisdom that he gains along life’s way. I love those qualities about him. Recently, one of my dad’s life experiences¬† involved trying new things (like a roasted jalapeno…pronounced ha-la-pain-yo), and learning new things. (You are never too old to learn a new trick.) Now, this wasn’t the first time my dad tried a roasted jalapeno. However, he just discovered that about one out of a hundred jalapeno peppers are incredibly hot…one just never knows exactly which one!

So, there Dad sat in one of his favorite Mexican food restaurants (La Familia)…and his tongue was on fire! I’ve been there when they “fire up” people’s fajitas, but this fire was not a fire that water could put out. Three to four glasses of water later, he was still suffering. He recalled beads of sweat pouring down his forehead! A kind waiter proved to be of assistance. He shared a trick that helped when eating something hot. Okay, it was more like first-aid for victims of spicy food burn.

Desperate to try anything, Dad took his advice…with a grain of salt. The man’s instructions were for Dad to dab his thumb, or was it a finger, into some salt. Then, press the salty finger underneath his tongue. Thankfully , it worked, and Dad was quick to recover, and quick to share his new knowledge with us. Dad said, “It sounds silly, but it works!” So, in Dad’s honor, I thought this was something the jalapeno-eating world should know about.

Evidently, my kids also had heard (about a year ago) that if they experience a “brain freeze” when eating extremely cold foods, they should also push their thumb (preferably clean) onto the roof of their mouth. They have found this to help them with their “brain freezes” during ice-cream eating episodes.:) So dad, I hope you enjoy hot jalapenos or cold ice-cream on your birthday today, knowing that you have the remedy on hand (in the form of an extremity), for both extremes! I love you, Dad!

” And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity:…” James 3:6

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