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Bible DVDs That We Love

As we entered 2010, Brad and I were both led to increase our “Family Bible Reading Time”. There was a lot of movie watching over our holiday break, and I knew we needed more Bible time…as a family. So, I prayed that BC would be led in this way too, because he primarily leads our family.

I was so encouraged when he sent a “read the Bible in 90 days” link home on Jan 2, and we have been reading since Jan.5, 2010. I guess it could now be called: “The Family Bible Hour“…because that is what we have been averaging. We found a helpful website here which has the chapters of the Bible divided, so that you can read the entire Bible in 90 days! We are excited about this challenge. I’ve never read the entire Bible in 90 days. It was sometimes challenging to finish it in 365 days!

At, they have a book/study program that can be done with your church group. However, we are just reading it through as a family, and pausing if anyone has a question or comment. Wow! Reading large quantities at one sitting has been such a blessing! We didn’t start right in Genesis, because we had been studying Hosea. We read the minor prophets, and then went straight into the New Testament.

Over the years, we have been blessed to have acquired some wonderful DVDs that have provided much encouragement to our reading of the Scriptures, especially in large amounts. One DVD has the entire Old and New Testaments in 2 CDs, and you can read along with this dramatized version of the Bible. This has helped with Bible reading consistency (their voices never tire, get sick, or have trouble pronouncing some of those difficult names). It is titled Holy Bible: Complete King James Version-Old and New Testaments. It is narrated by Stephen Johnston, and published by Hendrickson Publishers, Inc. (2003).  I really love this tool! However, he does have an audio Bible that is available for free—online here. At that website, it mentioned the retaining power of hearing and seeing the Scripture. I totally agree.

Then, another DVD we have enjoyed is Matthew. Bruce Marchiano does a wonderful job portraying the joy that Jesus had in human form. This is Word-for-Word from the New International Version. It can be found here (

Another inspiring one is Mark’s Gospel-Told By Max McLean. It is also a Word-for-Word presentation of the Gospel of Mark…from memory. We are always encouraged when we see and hear him recite.

Then, we see and hear most of Luke when we watch The Jesus Film (you can actual watch the movie by going to this link). This portrayal does leave out a few passages. They quote from Good News For Modern Man and the King James Version of the Bible. We showed this video to Paige and Michelle when they were “itty bitty”.

I’ll never forget the time when we were on a neighborhood walk, and Michelle decided to quote a line from that movie for the first time. She was three years old. As we were passing by another family, her voice boomed out (as only a three-year-old voice can) toward Daddy: “Master, why do you always speak in parables when a crowd is near?” Oh, we laughed so hard that day wondering what that “crowd” thought.

A favorite is The Gospel of John. This is beautifully done, and it is Word-for-Word based on the Good News Bible. It is three hours, but so worth it. However, please use discretion in deciding to show the violent crucifixion to your younger children.

  • Disclosure: I am not paid to advertise for any of these people or companies. These are just my suggestions, and opinions…not that I claim to be an expert. Blessings to you! We are currently, by God’s grace, over half-way through the Bible. Praise Him! What a treasure! What a Savior!

Jesus said, “This is life eternal that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent.” (John 17:3)

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