The Son is always shining, regardless of the weather

Some Flowery Language

One spring afternoon, when my daughter Faith was about three years old, we were driving down the access road (the same one which is pictured above). As I looked to my left, I delightfully exclaimed, “Ooh! Look at all those blue bonnets!” Faith gently piped in “…and yellow bonnets too, Momma!”:) Here in Texas, the […]

The Quilt Is Finished!

The other evening, a dear and industrious friend (you will soon discover why I refer to her this way) called me. Our conversation went something like this: My Industrious Friend: “CC, Do you have time to talk?” (This question is always appreciated by me. Sometimes there are better time slots to talk on the phone […]

Bible DVDs That We Love

As we entered 2010, Brad and I were both led to increase our “Family Bible Reading Time”. There was a lot of movie watching over our holiday break, and I knew we needed more Bible time…as a family. So, I prayed that BC would be led in this way too, because he primarily leads our […]