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Toe Woes

Posted under Admit One, LOL, The Unexpected - Jan 28th, 10

IMG_6478Poor Michelle. She has had “issues”with her toes…literally. She has had more than her fair share of ingrown toenails in her life (growing pains, right?). Yesterday, she had her third minor surgery to remove about half of her toenail, and hopefully it will cause that toe to toe the line! (Clarification…third toe surgery on third toe…but not the third toe…it was the second-the long one-on the left, and the two big toes.)

I think I eventually “outgrew” the ingrown nail problem. When I was in high school, I remember my mom taking me to a family doctor (we were on an HMO at the time) for my infected, ingrown “big toe”.  This elderly doctor said, “Well…I think it’s best if I just yank the whole toenail off of there.” I remember asking begging my mom if we could take off. She agreed, and off we went. I can’t remember what happened (like, if I ever remedied this problem), but I do remember having pain in my toe…a lot! I know that playing basketball exacerbated the problem as my toes were stepped on quite a bit! I also remember performing my own “toe surgery” with a needle and a little bit of cotton that I shoved underneath the nail.

Well, she seems to be following in our footsteps, because her daddy also had the same toe surgery when he was in tenth grade. I suppose Michelle’s toes were predisposed to have woes (please forgive me for that one).

So the other day, the girls came to me pleading, “Mom, Michelle’s toe looks really bad. It’s like black!” So, after one quick look, I told Michelle that we needed to get into the podiatrist.

She smiled and said,”Oh, I think it’s okay. It doesn’t hurt…really.”

Then (to put the fear in her, and to let her know that I was putting my foot down) I said, “You could seriously lose your toe, sweetie! It looks awful! We need to go in!” (Unfortunately, all the kids heard this, and I put the fear in them as well.)

So, the podiatrist worked us in, and the offending nail out!

Dr. G asked Michelle, “Hey, do you remember how you got your first ingrown toenail back in 2007?”

She smiled and said, “Yes…uh…it involved my sister…”

Then he added, “…and a Pogo stick! Yup, I remember that one!”. (We all laughed.)

I guess there are just too many weird things that have happened over the years, because I had forgotten about that incident, until he mentioned it. I assume we got rid of the pogo stick after that.

So, they numbed her toe, cut off about half of the nail (although they said she might lose the nail), put some acid on there so it wouldn’t grow back, and we were back on our feet. When we returned home, her siblings gathered around and inquired about her toe. This was my remark: “Well, they only had to cut off half of her toe–“…but can you believe I left out the nail part (okay, so I’m a little tired theses days). I knew I had put my foot in my mouth or something, by their horrified looks and squeals…so I quickly corrected my slip, and we had a good laugh! It can always be worse, right? These kids definitely keep me on my toes!

I was reminded of this verse…

Matthew 18:8  “Wherefore if thy hand or thy foot offend thee, cut them off, and cast them from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life halt or maimed, rather than having two hands or two feet to be cast into everlasting fire.”

When Michelle and I were sitting there waiting in the waiting room, we were trying to figure out what to call that toe (besides Morton). I said, “Hey, it’s the one who stayed home from the market! Do you remember that song I showed you on Youtube with Andrew Gullahorn?”.

When I saw Andrew Peterson in concert, Andrew Gullahorn was with him, and he shared this funny story/song about another Andy who actually did lose one of his toe. Here it is: watch?v=hD5WzXCVdZA


2 Responses to “Toe Woes”

  1. Laughing Hyena Says:

    What a poet and you don’t know it.
    Toes and woes. Hey Michelle – here’s the next woe or toe –

    I have a big toe that goes blue and then black and then it grows a black nail on top of the black and blue one and then about a half inch longer than the other one underneath. Hurts when I pull it off. Happens a couple of times a year.

    L H remember?

  2. CC Says:

    That sounds like a “toe-tally” BIG toe problem. Ouch! Definitely NOT a laughing matter, huh?

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