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Toe Woes

Posted under Admit One, LOL, The Unexpected - Jan 28th, 10 - 2 Comments

Poor Michelle. She has had “issues”with her toes…literally. She has had more than her fair share of ingrown toenails in her life (growing pains, right?). Yesterday, she had her third minor surgery to remove about half of her toenail, and hopefully it will cause that toe to toe the line! (Clarification…third toe surgery on third […]

I Love You, Mom!

Oh how it warms my heart when my children give me sweet hugs and whisper: “I love you , Momma!” in my ear. My youngest still does this several times a day—almost out-of-the-blue, and yet not in a manipulating way. He is such a sweetie! This reminds me of the words to a sweet song […]

The Poem That Is My Prayer:

Here is a poem that I have loved over the years. I have had the last stanza (written on an index card) on the wall of my closet for the last eight years; however, I changed the word “teacher” to “mother”. When I change my clothes, I pray for a change of heart as well. […]

Celebrating Some Births

Posted under Birth stories - Jan 4th, 10 - 2 Comments

We have had a wonderful Christmas break—celebrating the birth of our sweet sixteen-year-old daughter (22nd); celebrating the birth of our dear Lord and Savior (25th); celebrating the birth of our marriage (29th); and celebrating the birth of a new year(31st/1st)! Wow! It really is the most wonderful time of the year! However, it also happens […]