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100 Things About Me and How God is Good in the Clouds of Life

In the tradition of blogging, when you get to your 100th post you are supposed to write “100 THINGS ABOUT YOURSELF”. So, here goes…

1.) I almost drowned at my sixth birthday “pool party”.

2.) The funny thing was that I accepted the dare to swim across the pool in a floaty race.

3.) A funnier thing was that I offered my floaty to my opponent…because she didn’t have one.

4.) Funniest of all, was my sweet mom (who also could not swim) jumping in—with her clothes on—to save me!

5.) My parents made me join the swim team.

6.) I learned to swim, and I swam fast (esp. when there was a snake swimming right beside me). I later became a lifeguard, and taught swimming lessons.

7.) When I was in ninth grade (at high school), I took a fall down the stairs, from the top to the bottom, and broke three of my ribs.

8.) I found out my kidneys were refluxing (I had three ureters), and had an operation to fix it. One kidney was the size of a quarter on the X-ray. They told me that at least I had one. One year later, my little kidney miraculously recovered and I had two normal-sized kidneys. This was the first time I realized that nothing is impossible with God! The doctors even called it a miracle.

9.) I wrecked my first car.Thankfully, nobody got hurt.

10.) It was raining that day.

11.) You know, I still don’t enjoy driving in the rain, and my younger sister still doesn’t enjoy it when I drive.

12.) I was in drama in high school, and I got the lead in the Jr./Sr. Play.

13.) I played a new high school teacher in “Up the Down Staircase”.

14.) I must have liked it, because I have a degree in teaching, and I am currently teaching high school to Paige.

15.) However, the real drama started when I had kids. I had no idea, when I joined the Drama club, that I would be a lifetime member!

16.) More drama came when I had a miscarriage.

17.) I was told I wouldn’t be able to have any more children (when I only had two). The LORD is so good and in control…I have six blessings!

18.) I hemorrhaged with my third and seventh child. These were close calls! Praise the Lord for His mercy to me!

19.) Then…the most painful experience ever…kidney stones were developing. I had to have one surgically removed.

20.) More drama came when my oldest was diagnosed with cancer in 2002.

21.) The doctors initially thought it was allergies, and I had to ask for an MRI.

22.) More drama came when I attended funerals for children…

23.) Some (total of ten) of our little friends who had lost their battle with cancer.

24.) My heart was breaking.

25.) It really was.

26.) On our Make-A-Wish trip, I realized I couldn’t breathe very well.

27.) An elderly couple passed me when we were hiking on Mount Rushmore.

28.) I jokingly told my hubby that I wanted to die in Texas.

29.) I seriously knew something was wrong.

30.) I thought I was out of shape.

31.) I had a lot on my plate at the time (I mean this figuratively and literally)

32.) But I didn’t think it was my heart.

33.) However, my gynecologist thought it was my heart.

34.) She is the one who discovered I had a problem.

35.) When she was listening to my heart, she said it was irregular:

36.) Atrial fibrillation.

37.) She told me to go see a cardiologist.

38.) I told her my husband always makes my heart skip a beat, but I hesitantly set up an appointment with a cardiologist.

39.) At first, the cardiologist reassured me that it was probably nothing more than caffeine-caused.

40.) I drank Coca-Cola at this time. Not to mention, that I also consumed way too much chocolate!

41.) My excuse for this was that some nights I had very little sleep.

42.) I had six kids who sometimes needed assistance at night.

43.) Particularly the one going through chemo. and the baby.

44.) So, I had some tests done on my heart, just to make sure everything was okay.

45.) I was familiar with the wait that often occurs after tests are performed.

46.) So, I had gone by myself to get the tests done.

47.) I did not know the doctor would give me my results that very same day.

48.) He did…and the results were that I had a hole in my heart, probably since birth.

49.) He told me that a lot of people don’t know they have this problem, and they are usually dead by my age. Nice, huh?

50.) He told me I really should have died giving birth to my first child, or running in high school.

51.) I said, “It sure felt like I was dying giving birth to my first child, and running in high school!”

52.) I was feeling okay, but…broken.

53.) Kinda like I got a defective part.

54.) I was determined to smile in the face of adversity.

55.) I left the office, and I was driving home on the busy highway.

56.) I started griping to my Lord. “Why this road, Lord?”, I asked.

57.) I told him things like: “Haven’t we paid enough to the medical profession?”

58.) A truck in front of me had some voting signs in the back.

59.) Just then, one sign flew up and covered my windshield.

60.) My prayers changed drastically.

61.) The sign flew off (that’s one dangerous way to get people to vote).

62.) However, it was there for seven very long and scary seconds or so.

63.) I told the Lord that He could have taken me right then.

64.) I told him I wouldn’t complain anymore.

65.) Mostly I didn’t, but sometimes I would forget…(remember, He is the only perfect One!)

66.) Jesus gave me peace about the situation.

67.) I told many to pray for my husband.

68.) He was really helping me out a lot.

69.) I was taking it easy,

70.) And popping aspirin and Plavix (to avoid a blood clot).

71.) I had an operation to try to try to mend the hole in my heart.

72.) The procedure was performed on our wedding anniversary.

73.) Operation was not successful.

74.) I was thankful to still be alive. There is no 100% with surgery.

75.) The hole was too big for the Amplatzer device.

76.) They told me they needed to order a different part.

77.) I suggested going to Auto Zone over O’Reilly Auto Parts.

78.) They laughed, and thankfully did not take my suggestion.

79.) I recovered from the first failed operation.

80.) I had another operation to fix the hole.

81.) This was a somewhat experimental operation.

82.) I told the doctor I knew where I was going, and I wasn’t afraid to die,

83.) but that I had put in my request with the Lord that I might finish my job as a mother of six.

84.) Operation 2 was done over Spring Break.

85.) Operation 2 was unsuccessful.

86.) The new part would have caused more problems than it was worth.

87.) I was a little discouraged,

88.) but told myself that God sees the big picture.

89.) I knew it must be for a reason.

90.) I slowly recovered from that surgery (my femoral arteries wouldn’t stop bleeding, so they had to apply tremendous pressure.)

91.) They signed me up for open-heart surgery.

92.) I had it on Mother’s Day weekend—2004.

93.) I referred to this time as Mother’s DayMONTH!

94.) Everyone was so kind.

95.) The operation was successful. Praise the LORD!

96.) I could breathe like I never could before. The body SO compensates.

97.) The Lord really does see the big picture!

98.) Had they done it the other way, they would have missed the second hole that they found.

99.) I am thankful that my heart trusts in Him…my Savior and my Lord. He has been with me all the way! I put my trust in Jesus at a young age by believing that He died on the cross for my sin, and He rose again on the third day. I have hidden His word in my heart, and I have enjoyed a daily relationship with Him. I have witnessed so many answered prayers. Since that time, there has been no fear of death, but many close calls. It has beenĀ  reassuring to know that He holds the keys to life and death!

100.) How is the status of your heart? Find peace and hope and life in Jesus!

4 Responses to “100 Things About Me and How God is Good in the Clouds of Life”

  1. bc Says:

    WOW! I have been by your side for most of the events you mentioned, and I am amazed. I am grateful you are still here.

    I love you.

  2. Marsha McCance Says:

    CC, You are an awesome woman who serves an awesome GOD! I am so thankful for you and your family and your extended family that has meant so much to us for 30 yrs. I am thankful for your GRATEFUL heart. Marsha McCance

  3. Organizing Mommy Says:

    For the amount of things you’ve been through, this should be your 100th year, not post! So glad you are fine and alive and vibrant for Jesus! God’s not done with you yet! Praise the Lord for this blessing of having you here!

  4. Nonnie Says:

    Wow! CC, Dad and I share your testimony of God’s goodness because we’ve watched you go through everything on this list. I cannot even tell you how grateful we are for your life — every part of it. You have always been a miracle to us and one of the greatest gifts God has ever given us. Thank you for posting your God-glorifying post, sweetheart. I have always and will always love you, my darling girl.

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