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Kids Naming Kids…Not A Good Idea!

We have a great uncle here in town that is really special to us. He  is the kind of man/friend/relative who would do anything for you. So, the other day, it wasn’t surprising when my seven-year-old said that he wanted to name one of his (twenty, he hopes) kids…”Uncle Andy!” Boy, that really made us laugh. Here is one kid who is not afraid to “say uncle“.

Then, he later went on to mention more names: “Uh-Oh, Nonnie, Grandma, G.G., G.P., Kane, Aunt Dorothy, Uncle Troy, Uncle Brad, Uncle Mike, Aunt Cyndi, Aunt Katie,  Aunt Jen, and Uncle Jay,  (and I can’t remember the rest right now)”. Those are definitely one-of-a-kind names and people! I can’t wait to share this info. with his future wife someday! LOL!

This reminded me of the time when Paige and Michelle (then age 3 and age 2) were driving with their grandparents (Nonnie and Uh-Oh), and Nonnie asked them what they thought the new baby’s name should be be (Grace). Paige answered, “We wanted to name the baby “Moocus” (as in…gross mucous…), but Momma wouldn’t let us!” We referred to “snot” as “mucous”  back then (and we still do). Maybe it was “snot” a good idea? Well, my parents said they were laughing so hard that they had to pull their car over just to wipe away their…tears!

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  1. Nonnie Says:

    This is our favorite Paige and Michelle story! We still laugh until we cry when we remember those sweet tiny little voices telling us they wanted to name Grace “Moocus but Mama won’t let us!” Thanks, CC. And thanks, Paige and Michelle. And thanks, Bradley, for continuing the naming tradition! Wonderful story!

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