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Our List of Games That We Love to Play:

One of my favorite memories of growing up in my home was playing games together. We just returned from a lovely Thanksgiving with my parents and brother, and we still enjoy playing games together! I have found most of my games at thrift stores, book swaps, etc. One year for Christmas, our family decided to give each family a new game to play. That was a fun way to get some of the new/cool games (like the Cranium games).

We love games, and have game nights…frequently. Sometimes, we have separated based on ages, but usually we all play together (little ones can be partners with the older ones). Sometimes, I have set up game stations (with those games for two) and we have played for a set amount of time (like ten minutes), then when the timer goes off, the winner goes on to play a different game with a different person (kind of like Bunco). The loser will stay and play again. Most of the time, everyone is “game” for playing games. It is sometimes a reward for hard work, and sometimes…it is hard work! We try not to get too competitive with it. We want it to be fun and stress-free, not stressful!

I recommend any of the following games:

Warning: My Long List of Games…

Bible games:

Bible Baseball-All ages (team play). We love this game.

Bible Brainstorm-This is similar to the Cranium game. It involves using words, drawing, acting, etc.

Bible Trivia– My only issue with this game is the title. Is there really anything trivial about the Bible? By Cadaco.

Bible Bingo– By Faith Kids.

Scriptionarylike Pictionary

Word games:

Bananagrams– This has been a fun game. It is kind of like Scrabble, but everyone has their own tiles that they use to make their own set of words (crossword style). Games are fast-paced, and can be played a variety of ways. It fits in your purse, and is great to play anywhere (like restaurants) because the pieces can be washed! This game was voted on as toy of the year last year, and I have to agree. It’s great!

Scrabble-A classic.

Balderdash-a hilarious bluffing word game by Gameworks Creations. You can play your own version of this game with a dictionary. Look up an unknown and archaic word in the dictionary, and one person writes the real definition down on a piece of paper. The other players write down the word and a made-up definition of the word. The person who knows the right answer will read all of the choices out loud. People try to guess which answer is the right one. One point is awarded to you, if people guess your definition. Two points are given if they guess the right definition. Three points are awarded to the one who wrote down the right definition…if no one guesses it.

Boggle Junior

Rummy Roots and More Rummy Roots: These card games have helped to increase our vocabulary knowledge by learning Greek and Roman root words (84 total). Can be played by 8 and up.

The Phonics Game-A wonderful set of games that teaches phonics. I bought this for five dollars at a garage sale…brand new (retails $100, I think)! Again, be watching for deals.

Perquacky– Ages 8 and up. Not as quacky as it sounds. You try to form single words in 2 minutes by rolling dice with letters on them. By Lakeside.

Logic games:

Blokus-ages 5-adult-Strategy game by Educational Insights. This one is awesome!


Checkers-We were given the BIG set from Cracker Barrel—lots of fun.

Sleuth-(age 10+, 3-7 30 min+) Logic and deduction mystery game by Face 2 Face Games.

Newton’s Apple– 2 players, age 7 to adult. This is made by Briarpatch. This is a great strategy/gravity game!

Mancala-Strategy game. Ages 6 and up.

Geography games:

Take Off-Geography game–fun, but long…

QuickPix-a really fun (and short) geography game-by Aristoplay (

USA Bingo-by TREND

Multiplication Bingo-by TREND

Electronic games:


Snap Circuits-My kids enjoy working with batteries and circuits to create different ways to “power” different things. There are hundreds of experiments involving electricity!

Battleship- have an electronic one, 1-2 players, by Milton Bradley

Connect Four-

Math games:

Mighty Mind and Super Mind-( These are great for problem-solving, spatial relationships, etc.

UNO Spin-This is a classic UNO with a spin…lots of fun.

Goose Egg-Dice game for ages 8+. It’s a fun way to practice multiplication tables (#2-#9) by Tah Dah (

Dominoes-Yes, you can stack them up for the “domino effect”, or you can learn the rules and have fun too. We like to play Mexican Train dominoes.

Conga- by Cranium. A fun guesstimate game.

Cards-Golf, Nertz, Bunco, and Hand and Foot, (directions for these games can probably be found online).

Swap-lots of fun

Splash! (like spoons, but with plastic dolphins) 3-6 players, ages 5 & up.

Family Math-An excellent book of math games by Jean Kerr Stenmark, Virginia Thompson, and Ruth Cossey.

Yahtzee-By Parker Bros. Ages 8 and up. This is a game of shaking, scoring, and shouting. Fun game, but not recommended if any one in the group has a headache…to begin with!

I SPY Eagle Eye by Scholastic ages 5 & up. This one is fun…testing skills of observation. Be the first to spy the object on the game board that matches the object on your card…and you get to ring the bell (Each card and board have only one matching object).

Mosaic Mysteries-a pattern block design activity-by Discovery Toys. I also use pattern blocks.

Tangrams-Seven piece puzzle-it’s great for spatial skills.

Hi Ho! Cherry-O!-This is a fun counting game for little ones (not too little though…small pieces).

Don’t Wake Daddy!This is an exciting game for all, because you never know when Daddy will “wake up”, as you move your peg forward. My funniest memory of this game was stepping on it (that wasn’t the funny part…it was left in the hallway at night (?)), and I really did wake Daddy with my “ouching”!

Get to know you games:

The Ungame-2-6 people, ages 5 & up by TALICOR-AristoplayThis is a talking game. I use the cards at the dinner table to ask questions of each one. Everyone will have a different answer.

Whonu– A great 15 minute game that gets you involved in knowing people in your little group better (similar to Apples to Apples-another fun one…We don’t have this one, but we have played the Bible Edition, and loved it.).

Girl Talk by American Girl

Life Stories-Ages 6-106 -Gets everyone sharing stories and smiles. This is a great one to bring for family gatherings.

Cranium-The Family Fun Game- This is a lot of fun…it gets everyone involved in some way. It says 8 and up. We have used this with 6 and up.

Silly Expressions-Discovery Toys-A fave of little ones…you know…making silly faces and all that. Okay…it’s a fave of the adults too.


You Gotta Be Kidding!- The Crazy Card Game of “Would You Rather…?”-This one is by Zobmondoa and is somewhat gross. It can be played by 2 or more players, age 7 & up.

Last Word-2-8 players, Ages 8 & up, by

Animal and History Games:

Herd Your Horses-by Aristoplay, 2-4 players age 8 & up. You learn quite a bit about horses with this game.

Zooreka- Be the first to get all four animal habitats to make a zoo.

Made For TradeA game of early American life. You learn a little history with this one.

Tornado-Hank the Cowdog game-Ages 5 & up, 2-4 players


Life by MB-


Monopoly, Texopoly, and BibleOp

Generosity by Sound Principles (ages 9-adult; 2-6 players)

Clue, Jr.- logic game

Active games

Barrel of Monkeys, Cup Stacking, Flog Flipping, Flying Geckos, Charades for Kids, Simon Says, Home-made Scavenger Hunts, and various tag games.Other games we have enjoyed are Operation, Sorry, Picture! Picture!

I haven’t even mentioned computer games, but that will have to be a different blog.

Sorry if this list was overwhelming. I was asked to share my recommendations on the games I have. Here is one more game that is a lot of fun. It is a home-made family trivia game:

Make a family trivia game on 3×5 cards. Each family member might write down an event that happened to them over the course of the year (or life), and then they put their name on the bottom. Then, we divide into teams. One person reads them aloud and the teams take turns guessing whom it is about.

We started this about nine years ago—when we were trying to get to know our new brother-in-law. Each person was given three cards to write three things about themselves that they think people might not know. Many referred to the scrapes they might have had. One had named every dog (at least four) by the name of Luke, and it was really a lot of fun. Come on, we keep track of trivia on so many things…why not keep track of your family’s trivia. We just add to it every few years.

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  1. Kane Says:

    Great list. :) If you’re interested in strategy/logic games, two that I’ve always enjoyed are Mastermind and Stratego.

  2. Nonnie Says:

    Wow! I love your list of games, CC. You should write a book of your hints for homeschooling moms!

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