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What a deal!

Posted under Traditions, We Like Food! - Nov 10th, 09

A friend sent me an e-mail that I thought I would share with any other Whataburger-loving person out there. It mentioned if you dress up in orange from head to toe you will get a free Whataburger on Nov. 10 from 5-8 p.m. I said, “What?” She called them, and was informed that a UT orange shirt and a hat will work fine. What a deal! Are you up for this one? I say we all spray our hair orange!! What do you think? I say: “What a burger!” Now, “orange” you glad I told you about this meal deal? :-) And you thought we only loved chicken? We have been talking about traditions lately; and lately, one of our family traditions has been dressing up for free food!

P. S. Look around your house. If you have to buy something…uh…it’s not really a deal. We found an orange bandana, headband, ribbon for hair bows, bracelet, socks, flip flops, and orange nail polish. Thankfully, everyone had an orange t-shirt (I had no idea). Well, tonight at “Orange Night Out”, I think our faces might be a shade of orange as well!

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