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Funny Question

Posted under LOL, My Kids Make Me Smile, The Unexpected - Oct 7th, 09

Bradley¬† asked me a cute question about two weeks ago. He said, “What will happen if you see a UPS man?”

I said, “What?”

Then, he explained, “You know…they just like…’ding-dong’…and then you never see them. Do they really not want people to see them? Are they scary-looking, or ugly?…”

I had to laugh. This is typical 6-year-old kid trying to figure life out.

So, you can imagine how happy he was to see a UPS worker face-to-face (in the parking lot) on Monday night (his birthday, of all days). Well, I said Bradley was happy, so that tells you that the UPS guy looked pretty “normal”. I was thinking to myself, I’m so glad we didn’t run into him on Halloween—just in case he was wearing a scary mask or something! LOL!

One Response to “Funny Question”

  1. Organizing Mommy Says:

    I try to keep my distance from scary UPS workers. But they’re nothing compared to postal workers…

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