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It’s the Little Things!

Posted under Admit One, Poetry, The Unexpected, Those Are The Breaks! - Sep 17th, 09

Six weeks ago, I slipped on a cold puddle of water in the kitchen. I was unloading hot bowls from the “just-finished” dishwasher, and I was walking fast (due to the temperature of the bowls). Then, WHAM!— down I went with three stacked ceramic bowls (the bottom broke—the bowl, not..uh…mine)! It all happened so fast, but bits of ceramic were forced into my left knee—the body part that broke the fall.

When it happened, I deduced from the cold water clue that someone (one of seven people in the house) did this…in the kitchen…with…an ice cube. Their crime was that they failed to pick up an ice cube…after it fell from the freezer!

I want to share a familiar poem that I like; I don’t know who wrote it, but here it is:

If you drop it…pick it up.
If you sleep on it…make it up.
If you wear it…hang it up.
If you spill it…wipe it up.
If you turn it on…turn it off.
If you open it…close it.
If it rings…answer it.
If it whines…feed it.
If it cries…love it.”

The particular line that came to mind was: “If you drop it, pick it up.” However, in all fairness, I should have been moving a bit more slowly. Well, then I was moving more slowly. In fact, I moved so slow, that I just finally got around to getting to the doctor on Monday!

My knee looked infected, and was so tender to the touch (Ouch! Talk about sharp pain). I thought I had removed all the glass; but, deep down in my heart, I knew there was glass—deep down in my knee. The doctor told me he would be happy to open it up and remove the glass. (That should have been my first warning…he seemed a little too “knife-happy”).

Then, he told me to lay back and “relax”, as he asked his assistant to get him the “knife”. When she brought him one, he said, “No, I ‘m going to need a bigger knife than that.” Well, about this time, my imagination was going wild. Why didn’t he just call it a scalpel or something? All I could picture was a Bowie knife. I guess I was thinking I was going to have to literally bite the bullet for pain control. So, I told the doctor he might want to tie my hands up—knowing that I would be tempted to reach down and knock the knife out of his hands.

That’s when the doctor mentioned Lidocaine, and instantly I felt better. Yippee!..numbing stuff…of course, what was I thinking? I rallied myself. After 20 minutes of treasure hunting, it was over. He had to leave a drain inside the infected wound, and now I am on antibiotic, but I am so glad that I went in. I know that I should have gone in earlier, and then my bum knee might have not bummed me out so much.

So, my point is that the little things do matter: a little ice cube, a little time passing by, a little puddle, a little rush, a little gush (from the little cuts in my knee—from little pieces of ceramic bowl), and a “little” lecture from me on the importance of little things! I am also reminded of a fitting little verse from Song of Solomon 2:15 : “Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes.”

One more little thing…on Tuesday, I was trying to elevate my knee in the recliner, while schooling the kids. My friend over at organizing mommy has a clever name for a mom who can’t be on full duty (whether sick, injured, etc.). She has given it the title: “armchair general” (I love that). So, as I was reading to two kids, I heard a crash in the kitchen: a broken glass. Evidently, it was too close to the edge—you know, accidents happen.

Normally, I would say, “If you drop it, pick it up,” but this one was out of my comfort level. I’m not okay with having my children clean up glass. So, I got up and went about the task of cleaning up glass with a gash in my knee, and thankfully, I did not accumulate any more!

A mom is always a mom…even when she tries to be an “armchair general”. I am thankful for my arms, and my legs. I love my job here at home, and I truly am thankful that there is certainly never a dull moment around here!

2 Responses to “It’s the Little Things!”


    Well, that’s quite a saga. Bernice just read it to Mary in Albuqueque by phone and they are both laughing up a storm. Liked your blog, and the little references. Have print out your blogs each time in order to read, however, because the light blue small print on white just doesn’t show up well for me. Hope you are enjoying mine. ‘Laughing Hyena’

  2. Kane Says:

    I liked this one quite a bit. :) I’m not saying I liked the fact that you’re knee got infected, but it was a well-told tale.

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